How to Write Interesting Content About a Boring Topic

As a small business owner, you love what you do (or at least I hope you do!). It’s why you get up in a morning, to help people who need what you can provide to the world, whilst also keeping a roof over your head. However, if your field is considered particularly dry and boring […]

Starting From Scratch – Tips for Writing Copy for Your New Website

Writing copy for a website is never an easy task. But when it’s your own website, especially the first one for your own business, it can be a major challenge. The other day a client confessed that, before she sought professional help with developing her web copy, she had been going through a nightmare trying […]

Get Blogging – You Don’t Have to Be a Marketer to Write One

I spoke to a lovely girl today who had been given the task of running the social media for her company. She wasn’t in marketing and was a bit apprehensive about writing her first blog. I have heard the same thing many times from people who aren’t marketers, it’s like writing a blog is quite […]

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