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Jonathan Jeeves

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Jonathan is a film maker producing corporate & educational films, radio commercials & quirky animations. He believes that good stories are the key to engaging people, with no better way to tell a story than through video. He has a hypothesis that for the last decade, video communication has driven a worldwide revolution in business, education, the arts - in fact every area of human activity.

Marketing Video Trends For 2017

So We’re two weeks into 2017 and the dust has just about settled after the holiday season. Now is the time to plan your marketing strategy for the year… no it isn’t. We should have done this last October. However, most small businesses are always behind with this kind of planning. After all we’re too […]

Understanding The Power Of The Customer Wish List

My wife knows nothing about Dungeons and Dragons. My sister-in-law knows almost everything about Dungeons and Dragons. As I write this it’s just a few days until Christmas. So obviously my wife has bought her sister nothing related to Dungeons and Dragons, even though that would be what she wants most. What a palaver. Neither […]

How To Reach Niche Markets Using Video

Some businesses want to access the huge general market of which we are all a part. But a lot of us operate with much smaller sections of the general population. We target niche markets. Today I’m going to write about how we can target specific niches within the general market. I’m also going to look […]

The Power Of The Slow Burner Video

I often talk about using video to build an audience, to build a relationship with customers and to demonstrate your expertise as a business person. In this blog I want to talk about a video I made for a client that has been running for several years. I think of this video as a slow burner. […]

When Marketing Goes Wrong – How Not To Antagonise Your Customers

If there’s one thing upon which we can all agree it’s that marketing is not meant to stop people becoming your customers. Advertising shouldn’t antagonise. I can think of examples that do. I never understood why they were ever approved until I started to think more deeply about the problem. I’m starting to see the […]

Video Could Slash Your Training Costs

I always write about the power of video to generate business and growth. The power of video to drive sales and brand awareness. How customer satisfaction and care can be improved by videos. Now I want to talk about none marketing video use. I’m going to start with using videos for training. I’m going to […]

Manage Your Customer’s Expectations With A Video

For those of us working in specialist fields, our customer’s expectations can be a real problem. I don’t just mean in areas of business that are rare. Any business where the supplier is an expert or has specialist knowledge (plumber, accountant, dentist, florist) can fall foul of unrealistic customer expectations. In my business, film and […]

Boosting Business With Interactive Video Displays

“I know all about this” I hear you cry. “Everything has a touch screen now, I don’t need to read this.” But You’re wrong. If you have a shop window you do need to read this. I want to tell you how and why you may want to invest in the biggest interactive touch screen […]

Shop Window Videos Are A Must Have

Does Your Business Have A Shop Window? If it does then you need to get a video display in that window. Most major brand shops now have video displays and there may be many small business owners thinking that this is not for them. That it is too expensive. That there is no value. I […]

Your Trade Show Stand Needs Video

I recently attended a trade show. You may think that because I produce marketing videos that it was some kind of media conference, but it wasn’t. I attended an industry show for high tech manufacturing. I won’t bore you with why I was there but the thing that struck me, as it always does, was […]

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