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Small Business Advice and Insight

Using expert research and data, we take a look at what’s impacting small businesses in the UK currently and in the future.

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Which industry jargon is most confusing?

Every industry has its jargon – the shorthand language used by people within the profession to communicate with others ‘in the know’. From ‘low hanging fruit’ in business to ‘adjourn’ in the legal world, or ‘snagging’ in the context of construction and property, there are hundreds and thousands of buzzwords and acronyms that we’re likely to run into throughout our lives, not all of which will be easy to decipher.

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Side Hustles

With ‘hustle culture’ a much-discussed term in 2023, we set out to find out which professions are most likely to have a ‘side hustle’, as well as the most popular choices when it comes to choosing a secondary source of income.

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Slim Savings

The current economic climate is making saving money increasingly difficult. Inflation has sent costs for utility bills and household goods rocketing sky-high, with interest rates at a 14-year high. We’ve researched what the financial landscape currently looks like for UK businesses, and how it’s affecting their ability to futureproof themselves.

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The Artificial Intelligence Report

Technological advancements have exploded in the 21st century and, since the advent of the internet, have gathered pace at a remarkable rate. They delight, amaze, and force us to question our relationship with technology, as well as having significant implications for businesses of all sizes and the consumers that they create products for.

The entrepreneurial spirit of the UK

Since the Covid-19 pandemic arrived in the UK in early 2019, it’s fair to say it’s been a challenging time for businesses of all sizes. Whether you’re an established SME or a budding entrepreneur the issues involved with running a business, caused by the pandemic and the UK’s separation from the EU, have been all too apparent.

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Can’t see the web for the trees

The last year has been full of surprises and challenges for businesses of all sizes. The COVID-19 pandemic began to show its impact quickly in March 2020 and has created unexpected difficulties for people and their working environment throughout the following 12 months and beyond. Even at the time of writing in June 2021, businesses are still working out what the new normal will look like for them.

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Who’s getting the message?

The way businesses engage with customers has changed dramatically since the start of 2020 and, for most, it’s been a worrying and unsettling time. As a result of the global pandemic, change has happened so quickly that businesses have had to adapt at a speed not seen before to survive and thrive. Find out more about the severe impact Covid-19 has had on SMEs in terms of their services and tools used, and how this has changed how they communicate with their customers.

Illustration of a man watering a money tree with a big pound sign at the top.
How much could you earn around the world?

Alongside job satisfaction, financial security is arguably the main consideration for most of us when it comes to planning our careers or looking to start up a business. With this in mind, we’ve looked into the equivalent earnings for popular career choices and detailed how they stack up not only in the UK but across the rest of the world too. Whether you’re at the start of your journey, or feel you should be earning more for your skillset, find out how you compare with our easy-to-use tool!

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Future Gazers: the next 30 years in business

A lot has changed in the world of business in a relatively short space of time. With Yell’s move from the printed Yellow Pages to a fully digital business today, we’ve collaborated with futurist James Wallman to gaze into what the next 30 years hold for the business world, and how small businesses can prepare. From a four-hour working day to a ‘Cobot Revolution’, find out what you need to prepare for!

Challenging Gender Norms

We’ve chosen gender as an initial topic to explore – both how this impacts our way of life, and the career choices we make. We’ve worked with futurist, trend forecaster, and author James Wallman to produce a report looking to the future and what the next 100 years hold for gender equality, family life, technology, and businesses. We also look at the ‘here & now’, showcasing some small businesses that are challenging gender norms to be successful in sectors traditionally dominated by the other sex.

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Take The Leap

As a result of Yell surveying 1,500 entrepreneurs and small business owners in the UK, we have found that ‘going it alone’ in business is easier than many people think, identifying some very positive results regarding setup costs and speed of making a profit. A separate survey of 1,500 consumers has also obtained people’s thoughts on starting up their own business, and what the most common barriers are. Find out more about the research results here.

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Boosting Productivity

After surveying 1,500 small business owners in the UK, we discovered some interesting findings when it came to the subject of productivity and how to make sure you are getting the most out of a working day. Results cover everything from the debate over cluttered desks to the most productive time of day to work.

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Seeking Inspiration

At times inspiration can be hard to come by, so we spoke to 1,500 business owners about how they find inspiration. From embracing the great outdoors to making the most of the morning – find out what gets Britain’s brightest entrepreneurs inspired.

How to stand out online
Standing out in a crowded marketplace

We’re debunking the myth that bigger is better. If you can understand your customers, nurture relationships, and go the extra mile, size is irrelevant. It sounds simple but these are the fundamentals of setting yourself apart as a small business and packing a punch in your industry. We profiled 1,500 consumers in the UK for some insights into what drives them to use a small business instead of a big name. Read on to find out how you can win over and retain a loyal customer base.

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Entrepreneurs of tomorrow

Sparking ideas and encouraging a new generation of small businesses in the UK is of great importance for the economy. From a recent Yell survey of 1,500 business owners, we found that entrepreneurial spirit is on the increase, with 78% of 16-24 year-olds wanting to run their own business as a child. Here, find out how nurturing young enthusiasm and talent can help create a new generation of exciting start-ups.

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