Future Gazers - the next 30 years in business

From robot co-workers to four-hour working days, this report predicts how businesses will operate in 2050 thanks to a wave of new technologies including artificial intelligence, augmented reality and the Internet of things.


Ever wondered what your working life might look like in the next 5, 10 or 30 years' time? With the landscape changing so rapidly, and new technologies developing constantly, it can be easy to fall behind the curve.

From years of championing small businesses and supporting them throughout these changes, Yell has teamed up with acclaimed futurist James Wallman and a collection of forward-thinking entrepreneurs to delve into the unknown of the future, with some fascinating and valuable insights.

The report

Yell has partnered with James Wallman - trend forecaster, best-selling author and Futurist at The Future Is Here - to explore how certain changes in what has been dubbed 'The Fourth Industrial Revolution' will affect small or relatively new businesses.

SMB insights

To further this in-depth report, we've spoken to three innovative small business owners -  our 'future gazers' – to discuss how the results will positively impact their work and industries, and how they feel about the future of business in the UK.

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