Digital Marketing for Builders

From a brand new website, to Paid Search, Video, Social Marketing and SEO, learn how Yell’s digital marketing services can benefit your building business.

Digital Marketing for Builders

From a brand new website, to Paid Search, Video, Social Media Advertising and SEO, learn how Yell’s digital marketing services can benefit your building business.

Whether you’re an independent builder or a larger company, your skills and services are in demand. But how do your customers find you?

Did you know that in the UK there are over 22,000 Google searches a month for ‘builder near me’? There are 4,400 searches a month for ‘house renovator’ and 27,000 for ‘loft conversions’. And that’s not to mention location-specific searches like ‘builders in Cranleigh’ (4,400 searches a month) or ‘builders in London (1,900 searches a month)1.

Having an online presence is an essential part of any business, and the best way to target your potential clients is by reaching out to them as they search and move online.

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Here at Yell, we offer a range of digital marketing services to help your building business target, attract and sell to potential customers by boosting your online presence. We can work closely with you to create the perfect site to showcase your skills and services, and then we can provide SEO packages to promote that website to your customers as they search online. To boost your traffic, generate more leads and drive sales even further, our paid search offering casts your marketing net even wider than search engines, helping to reach your relevant audience wherever they may go online, as well as reminding them about your company if they’ve already visited your site.

Customers love to see before and afters of gorgeous loft extensions, renovations or whole new builds. If you’re keen to expand your visual promotion, our video packages are the perfect way to show off your skills and showcase your portfolio of work, so your potential clients can envision how your expertise could work for them.

Pick just one, or a mix, of our digital marketing services and packages to focus your building business’ resources and efforts on the most effective tactics, which can be continually adjusted based on data and insights to ensure that we’re delivering the desired results.

Explore our various digital marketing services for builders:


Websites for Builders

Having a professional, readable, accessible and functional website that appeals to your target audience is essential for all businesses and trades, building included. While the bulk of your work takes place offline, your marketing, customer service and initial communication point is most likely to be online.

We’ll be able to work with you to design and create an attractive, beautifully designed, bespoke website that will show off your skills and expertise, explain your services and allow customers to easily get in touch to bring you on for their next project.

And it doesn’t end there – we’ll also be on hand to support with any updates to the website as needed. Get in touch to find out more.


PPC for Builders

PPC for Builders

Paid search can be a powerful tool for any small businesses looking to increase their online presence and reach their target audience. Yell’s paid search services have helped small businesses of all types to effectively reach and engage with their audience through targeted ads on the key search engines of Google and Bing.

Our PPC packages mean we can use your advertising budget in a way that best benefits your business, and target specific demographics, interests, and locations for relevant search queries. This allows for a more focused and efficient ad campaign, as we’ll be able to tailor your ads to reach your desired audience directly. Additionally, our paid search services offer detailed analytics and insights, so we can track the effectiveness of your campaigns and make data-driven decisions on future advertising efforts.

And it’s not just about driving brand new visitors to your site – paid search campaigns can even retarget interested customers who visited your site in the past with a reminder of your products and services.


Video for Builders

PPC for Builders

A picture may tell a thousand words, but video speaks volumes and what better way to showcase your building work, from foundations to loft extensions, than with a well-edited, beautifully shot video? Our video packages include options such as drone footage to capture those overhead, rooftop shots; animation to tie the film together in a fun way; and voiceovers to explain your building and services to your customers.

We’ll work with you every step of the way, so you have professional films to share on your social networks, website and beyond.


Social Media for Builders


There’s no denying that social media is one of the top ways to inspire new customers to engage with your business. In fact, many people turn to social media before Google to discover new local building businesses.

If you’re keen to share your construction work on social networks like Instagram, Facebook or YouTube, but are too short on time or inspiration, then our social services will be perfect for building your brand awareness, website traffic, leads or bookings. We can help you to showcase your expertise, skills and the result of your company’s hard work with creative social media campaigns or targeted social advertising, which we can shape to reach your specific audience.


Online Reputation Management for Builders


If your customers are finding you online, it’s highly likely that they’ll be searching for reviews of your company. In a competitive market, a strong online reputation that proves a track record of top-quality building work and high customer satisfaction will help with your visibility, credibility, trust, and is proven to attract more business. It could be the reason a customer chooses you over someone else.

Our Reputation Management services will help and support you with:

  • Ensuring your business and contact information is distributed on relevant directories across the internet and can be discovered by your potential customers.
  • The connection of your social profiles into one accessible dashboard, so you can communicate and share with your customers across various networks from one place.
  • Supporting your management of and response to reviews by consolidating them into one centralised review management tool, helping you to build trust and credibility more easily.


SEO for Builders

SEO for Builders

Whether you offer a wide range of building services or specialise in a certain type of work, you’ll be able to benefit from our Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) services in a number of ways. For example, we’ll help you identify the most relevant keywords for your company and will optimise your website to attract targeted traffic from the huge number of people who are actively searching for the trade and services you offer every day.

In addition, our SEO packages can help you as a builder to differentiate yourselves from your competitors by highlighting the unique features and benefits your company has to offer.

By optimising your website for local search, we’ll be able to drive more leads from your geographic region, which can be particularly useful if you serve a specific area. SEO is an essential marketing tool for builders – to find out how we can help you to attract qualified leads, build credibility, and stand out from your competitors, you can find out more or contact us below.



Stuarts Skip Hire

Denise Hughes, a Director for Stuarts Skip Hire in South Wales, talks about how Yell helped them increase quality business leads by 300% with paid advertising on Yell.com, PPC ads, Reputation Manager, and a new website.
April 2021



What is a digital marketing strategy?
A digital marketing strategy is a plan that outlines the steps a company, like your building business, will take to reach its marketing goals through the use of online channels and technologies. It includes identifying target audiences, creating engaging content, and utilising social media, search engine optimisation, and other tactics to promote your skills and business, and reach potential customers.


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1. All figures taken from Google Keyword Planner, December 2022