Challenging gender norms

Small businesses have many obstacles to overcome such as how to best position their business now and for the future. Does this change based on whether you’re man or a woman? We’ve talked to small business owners who are defying gender norms, and looked at what lies ahead for both genders in our exclusive report on the future of gender equality

We’ve worked with futurist James Wallman to assess the future of gender equality, how it will relate to the way we work and our everyday lives. James has used his years of research to predict what he sees as ten likely changes in gender-related issues that will impact both men and women. If he’s accurate, the future of working life looks set to change quite radically over the coming years.

We’ve also interviewed some inspiring gender-defying small business owners, who are leading the way by challenging gender stereotypes. From a male florist to a female marquee erector, our pioneers show that business success relies on passion, skill and determination, regardless of gender.

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