Well-being - the next fight for fairness

"The next equality debate will be about who's got the best quality of life."

James Wallman, The Future of Gender Equality Report

Well-being: the next fight for fairness

The current fight for women's rights in the UK focuses on equality in the public sphere, and on that which is measurable. This falls prey to the streetlight bias or "drunkard's search" — looking where it's light, where we have data. So is pay parity the best place to find equality? Or are we just looking for equality where it's lighter?

With the rise of experientialist values, people and states will look for status less in material goods, income, and GDP, and more in experiential goods, such as general well-being. As that happens, we will judge equality in different terms.

Rather than focus on the fairness of pay, people will focus on equality of well-being: who spends more time with the kids, who's happier, who has the best work-life balance, who lives longer, healthier happier lives.

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