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The articles in our Knowledge Centre aim to help you decide on the best digital marketing mix for your business. From Website Design to Pay-Per-Click, Social Media to Video Marketing, our team of independent digital marketing experts share their latest advice, tips and know-how via their regularly updated blogs.

Mobile-Friendly Websites Promoted by Google from May

There’s even more reason to invest in a mobile-friendly website right now. From the start of May, Google will be rolling out an update to the mobile search algorithm to give higher rankings to mobile-friendly and responsive websites. The first push to increase results for mobile-friendly website launched back in April 2015, and aims to […]

How To Build A Simple And Effective Marketing Engine – Part 2

In the first part of my article I commented that the old style marketing funnel is obsolete. Only the savvy up-to-date marketers have understood this and adapted to the new “information age.” In this article you will discover what you need to change to attract a prospect, retain their interest (a key point) and lead […]

Making Marketing Videos – Sound Is More Important Than You Think

Sound. In a visual medium like video it’s often forgotten. But the sound on a video can destroy it if it’s bad. There’s an old adage amongst film makers that bad footage and good sound is fine but good footage and bad sound is unwatchable. When we make our marketing videos it’s imperative that we […]

Help My Business Is Failing – Part 1

Over the years, I’ve helped many business owners solve their biggest challenges. The most difficult calls or emails I receive are from accountants, insolvency practitioners or bankers asking for help because a business client is in trouble, with a risk of failure. Having saved a high percentage of these companies from the brink, I thought […]

6 Excellent Blogs for Digital Marketing Beginners

When promoting your business, digital marketing can be a tough nut to crack, especially if you are totally new to the field. If you don’t have a techy bone in your body, blogs that bang on about “user retention,” “marketing automation,” and “Twitter Cards” with little to no explanation can send you running for the hills, […]

How To Build An Effective Marketing Engine – Part 1

The “old school” teaching and views on marketing are considered by some to be relics, gone for good. Ladies and gentlemen, we have been in the “information age” for a number of years. If you haven’t embraced it, then you could be losing considerable sales opportunities to your more savvy, internet-friendly, marketing driven competitors. Traditional […]

Snapchat for Business – Yes, Really

I’ve been ignoring Snapchat for a long time. At first, I loathed the idea of a social media platform that was conning a generation of teenagers into sending photos they’d later regret, in the mistaken belief they would soon be gone forever. Then, I loathed the idea of people only slightly younger than myself sending seemingly […]

Is It Possible To Juggle A Small Business And A Family?

Yell Business has asked 1,500 small business owners for their views on several aspects of their business; from where they work, how they approach marketing and how often their email encroaches on their private life. The parents in the sample[1] offered some interesting insights into juggling a small business with parenthood. Day rate On average, […]

Marketing Your Business With Vine Video – Pt 2

I started this series of three blogs about ultra short form video marketing by talking about Instagram. You may find it odd that when I finally come to write about actually making a marketing video that I stick with Vine. But there is one very good reason for that. Both of these applications deal in […]

5 MORE YouTube Channels Every Small Business Should Follow

In my opinion, YouTube is the best resource for anyone trying to do anything. Whether you’re after home decor tips, fitness regimens, upgrading your computer, even boiling an egg; chances are someone on YouTube has the answers. It’s seemingly never-ending. The business corner of YouTube is quite small compared to the gamers and the beauty […]

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