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Knowledge Centre

The articles in our Knowledge Centre aim to help you decide on the best digital marketing mix for your business. From Website Design to Pay-Per-Click, Social Media to Video Marketing, our team of independent digital marketing experts share their latest advice, tips and know-how via their regularly updated blogs.

How To Sell More To Your Existing Customers – Part One

There comes a time in business when a percentage of your customers are reaching saturation point in respect of the goods they’ve purchased from your range. Without these sales your business may suffer. There’s a fear of a possible decline in sales and/or the possibility that your customer will look elsewhere, perhaps to a competitor […]

It’s Time To Go Retro – Part 3

Effective Retro Styling In my last two blogs I looked at how you can work with your video producer to create retro styled marketing videos. I discussed what techniques and styles they could use to evoke past decades. This time I want to think about how and why that might be effective. What customer groups […]

10 Essential Marketing Basics for Every Small Business

Whether your business is new or just in need of a marketing revamp, it’s important to start from the bottom. Let’s take a look at ten of the most important marketing basics that any small business needs to get to grips with. As you can probably tell, these tips are only in a vague order, and […]

It’s Time To Go Retro – Part 2

Retro Content This week I want to talk about the retro content of our retro style videos. Good retro content can capture an audience so it’s worth spending time to get this right. I’m going to look at colour & film grains, editing and transitions, and language and art styles. These are all aspects of […]

Create Your Own Twitter Moments

That’s right – you now have the power to create your very own moment. A cultural movement. A second in time that will send ripples through the world’s consciousness. Or gather a few tweets into something kinda neat with very little effort. Recap: what’s a Twitter Moment again? Remember that tab on Twitter that you […]

How To Make A Retro Video For Your Business – Part 1

Why go retro? There are many reasons why a company may want to produce a marketing video with a retro feel. It may be all about style or about a cool look the business owner wants. It may be about a nostalgia that the business owner enjoys, BUT there is only one real reason to […]

Marketing Videos For Recreational Businesses

In my blog a few weeks ago I discussed five questions I always use to start planning any marketing video. You can read it here. Once again I’m going to continue looking the practical application of these questions for various business sectors. This week I’m looking at hobby businesses that deal with customers’ discretionary recreational spending. What Do I […]

Should You Switch To An HTTPS Website?

HTTPS (the secure version of HTTP, the protocol which sends data between a browser and a website) is older than most people realise. It’s been around for two decades, though the number of websites using it on all their pages has been relatively low, until the last couple of years. You’ve probably noticed that many […]

Marketing Videos For Accountancy Businesses

In my blog from a few weeks ago, I discussed five questions I always use to start planning any marketing video. I’m now talking you through the practical application of these questions for various business sectors. This week I’m looking at Professional Services. To illustrate the answers I would give to my five questions, I’ll be using accountants […]

7 Misconceptions about Sales Practices

Selling is such an integral part of business, but it comes with a hefty helping of misunderstanding. Though many of us have a more nuanced view of sales and of people who sell, there is still a certain stigma attached to it. A lot of these myths come from the high-pressure sales practices of yore; […]

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