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The articles in our Knowledge Centre aim to help you decide on the best digital marketing mix for your business. From Website Design to Pay-Per-Click, Social Media to Video Marketing, our team of independent digital marketing experts share their latest advice, tips and know-how via their regularly updated blogs.

My Business Is My Pension – Fact Or Myth?

“My business is my pension” – I regularly hear this phrase and believe it to be one of the biggest myths in business. You may also have heard this statement many times and possibly said it yourself. The truth is only a few smart entrepreneurs can say they have taken all of the correct measures […]

Update: Twitter Confirms You’ll Have More Space in Tweets

Last week I revealed – with breathless excitement – that there were rumours circling about Twitter changing how they count characters in their 140-character limit. The limit on tweets is famously restrictive (that’s kind of the point, right?) but loyal users were upset a few months ago when Twitter mused on adding 10,000 characters to […]

Old School Marketing That’s Still Essential Today

When you think about it, marketing in some shape or form is bound to have been around for a good many years. For as long as people have been selling stuff, they’ve had to tell people that they’re open for business. The Gutenberg printing press may be heralded as causing a revolution in literature, but […]

7 Top Tips: What to Include on Your Website

Creating your business website is an exciting experience, but it can also be incredibly daunting. Knowing how to use your website to its best advantage can be difficult to decide. You might just need one or two pages with important information on, or perhaps something a little more elaborate to appeal to your audience. Here are […]

What is Augmented Reality and How Can it Help with Marketing?

You may have heard of augmented reality. You may even know that it was supposed to be a revolution in communications. You may also have read that it was a revolution that failed to happen. You may think that this is a failed technology and be wondering why I’m writing a blog about it. I’m […]

Be Proud to Own a Small Business and Shout About It!

I am a big advocate of small businesses, they are the backbone of the UK’s economy. At the start of 2015 they accounted for a massive 99.3% of all private sector businesses (source: Dept for Business Innovation & Skills). There are so many positives to owning a small business, but it can be easy for owners to get intimidated […]

Twitter to Remove Images and Links from 140-character Limit

A little bird has chirped to Bloomberg about something that would be a very popular move for Twitter if it came to pass. We heard a while ago that they were considering increasing the tweet limit to – wait for it – 10,000 characters. Now, it seems Twitter may do something much more powerful and, […]

5 Content Marketing Tips from 2 Online Giants

We small business owners often look up to large corporations with awe, often wondering “how on Earth can I compete with that?” Modern practices such as online and content marketing often compound the issue by seeming mysterious and unattainable, like internet alchemy. But that isn’t always the case. Good content marketing comes from simplicity and […]

Enabling Customer Contact In Your Marketing Videos With Clear Text

I want to talk about something really basic and yet vital to the success of your marketing videos. How you display your company’s contact details can either confirm a potential customer’s desire to contact you or put them off. This means that, as video marketers, we need to spend some time thinking about how we […]

How to Turn an Event into Content

If you’re in the business of using content to build a community of future and current buyers, y’all know how hard it is to keep things fresh. There’s only so many ‘9 ways to get more from your vacuum cleaner’ articles you can write, right? The brilliant thing about content marketing is that it forces […]

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