Re-evaluating male identity

"If women do better, it's better for all of us, it's better for men, but I think there'll be a movement to bring along those other men that feel threatened by it, that feel it's a win/lose game. I think of the movement as Masculism – this idea that shows those other men that equality is good for all of us."

James Wallman, The Future of Gender Equality Report


"Gender equality will make Dads happier too, they'll have more time with their kids. And relationships that work better." So says Catherine Riley, Head of Communications at the Women's Equality Party.

She's right but many men are feeling lost. For many it's difficult to see the benefits that a more female future could bring all of us.

Futurist James Wallman believes that just as there is feminism and a #HeForShe movement, so there will be a #SheForHe movement. He defined that as Masculism and its roots are already visible through the likes of Gary Barker, founder at MenCare, whose stated aim is to promote men's active, equitable and non-violent involvement as fathers and caregivers.

"If the only note we play on the keyboard to men is 'you’re part of the power structure that causes harm, you're responsible' that’s not a very useful way to start the conversation," Gary Barker says.

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