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The future of gender equality

“In the future we’re going to break today’s norms, we’ll create norms that are much better. We’ll be living 50/50 lives, we’ll be sharing the responsibility, we’ll be part-time care givers and part-time entrepreneurial breadwinners.”

James Wallman, The Future of Gender Equality Report

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Introducing key insights from the report

James Wallman press shotYell has partnered with James Wallman, trend forecaster and Futurist at The Future Is Here, to examine the future of gender equality and the impact it will have on our work and personal lives. James has previously written Stuffocation, which uses insight from psychology, economics and cultural trends to predict how we’ll move to gathering experiences rather than “things”. His forecasts for the future are often quoted in mainstream publications and on television.

For Yell, James’ work looks at the history of gender equality and uses that to inform his predictions for gender evolution. His predictions cover areas like the acceptance of multiple genders, the way that smart companies will actively tackle unknown bias to drive superior business results, and the expected shift in the equality debate to move from focusing on pay parity to quality of life.

James also discusses his expectation that there will be a continued move towards intersectionality where the debate isn’t just about gender, but refers to equality across all areas of our lives. He covers ten key predictions about the way that gender equality evolution will impact all of us, and his comprehensive report will interest and inspire you in equal measure.

James has used data and research studies to inform his views on how gender stereotypes will change over the coming years, splitting his report into Near Futures and Further Futures.

Near futures

  • Never mind the gap – when will the gender pay gap be closed?
  • A more female future – the future of female representation in areas like politics, the media and company Boards
  • Femtech – how women will play an equal role in product and technology development
  • Bye-bye bias – the growing attempts to stop unconscious bias in business
  • The more gender agenda – the growth and acceptance on non-traditional gender identities
  • Beyond gender – how gender is becoming less salient and more fluid
  • 50/50 futures – moving to a true split of care giving and breadwinning

Further futures

  • Well-being – the next battle for equality in well-being rather than financial status
  • Masculism – the likely emergence of a male-led movement redefining male identity
  • Transhumanism – the evolution of the equality question into a debate about transhumans with longer lifespans than ordinary people

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