The growth in gender definitions

"Historically there were just two genders, male or female. But… people are changing their definitions about who they are. In the future we'll see pan-gender, poly-gender, agender"

James Wallman, The Future of Gender Equality Report

More Than Two Genders

In a far more democratic, meritocratic, fluid world, it's clear that we have a far wider choice. And now that we are escaping a hierarchy defined in simplistic terms, and social conditioning says it's okay to choose, many are moving away from the binary choices of male and female, and hetero or homosexual, exploring and revealing their true identities. Recent research by New York-based advertising agency J Walter Thompson's Innovation Group found that 74% of generation Z (ages 13-20) are more accepting of non-traditional gender identities compared to a year ago – as are more than two-thirds of millennials (people reaching adulthood in the year 2000).

In the future, more people will define themselves in non-binary gender terms. There will be more than two genders.

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