Small business pioneers

We've interviewed a select number of UK entrepreneurs who have chosen to go against the grain and challenged traditional gender norms with their small businesses. We asked these pioneers how this has impacted their business and how they feel about the future of gender equality

Katherine Hudson, The Arabian Tent Company

Katherine Hudson of The Arabian Tent Company defies the expectation that it's just men that can do a physical job. Read about her story here.

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Matt Gunn, Gunns Florist

Matt Gunn of Gunns Florist has taken on the male-run family business successfully, despite the expectation that florists are women.

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Sarah Hillberg, Paint Pot Ladies

Sarah Hillberg of Paint Pot Ladies is breaking gender stereotypes as a female painter & decorator. Find out her thoughts on the challenges it brings.

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Dan Flanagan, Don't Believe The Hype

Dan Flanagan of the dad blog Don’t Believe The Hype discusses parenting and giving up the 9-5 job.

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The future of gender equality

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