Sarah Collins

Sarah Collins is an expert in search engine marketing, having nearly 10 years’ experience of working in both corporate and agency roles. She is Google AdWords and Microsoft adCenter certified, with a Diploma in Digital Marketing. Her blog posts will focus on how PPC can be used effectively to help small businesses raise their profile and find more customers online.

Dynamic Search Ads Simplified

Google is always making changes and improvements to their AdWords advertising platform. Last year saw the introduction and adoption of Dynamic Search Ads (DSAs). DSAs do not appear any differently on the Search Engine Results page and users will not be able to differentiate them from standard PPC ads. DSAs are set up differently in AdWords […]

Bidding on Brand – the Eternal Debate!

Whether to include your brand keywords in your PPC campaigns and bid on these brand terms has always been a hot topic of discussion. It can be very hard to justify to your finance team and senior managers why budget should be spent on these terms, especially when your company website will already be showing […]

Pay Per Click Quality Score Explained

Quality Score is a vital element of Pay per Click advertising. Online advertisers strive to achieve a high Quality Score as this will increase the performance and efficiency of their PPC Campaigns. What is Quality Score? Quality Score is a numerical score between 1-10 that is calculated by Google and assigned to each keyword within […]

PPC Jargon Buster

The world of pay-per-click advertising can seem like learning a foreign language with its own terminology and of course acronyms. In this post I have focused on some of the core fundamental terms you should be aware of when venturing into managing and monitoring PPC Campaigns. Ad Copy – text consisting of a headline, description […]

Common PPC Myths Busted

Everyone has their perceptions and opinions when it comes to PPC advertising, these opinions are normally shaped from experience and word of mouth. In this article I will address three of the most common myths and hopefully give you the confidence to get started with Pay per Click marketing. 1. Anyone can manage PPC accounts, […]

Tis the Season – PPC for the Festive Period

The lights are up, the Christmas parties are in the diary and before you know it the festive season will be truly upon us. To get the best out of your Online Marketing during the Christmas period it is time to focus on your PPC account.  We know that Pay-per-Click advertising is a great for […]

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