Find out the Benefits of Having a Business Video

Hello, I’m Elaine and I’m the Product Manager for Video at Yell. And I’m here to talk to you today about why online video can benefit your business.

So YouTube is now the second biggest search engine and they have over a billion users. With the growth of social, video usage is soaring as people now are uploading videos, sharing videos and commenting on them. Videos are also great for search engine optimisation. If you want to get your business ranked in Google, then having a video is a brilliant place to start.

Users also spend longer on your site if you have a video too. They spend 88% more time on a site with a video than one without. So – really great reasons to get a video. So the stats are really really compelling but they are a little bit dull.

So why is video so great?

Video enables you to show your customers exactly what you do do it, how you do it, and where you do it. Most importantly it allows you to control how you present your business and why they should pick you. It enables your customers to gain trust about what you do, and it enables you to establish yourself as an industry expert and get them to see why they need to pick you.

And then, at the end you could also include a call to action which encourages your customer to pick up the phone or to go to your website or maybe book an appointments. So video really is like the best salesperson you can imagine – selling your business 24 hours a day seven days a week, around the world the video. It isn’t just about crazy cat do crazy things online although I do like those videos!

It can be a really powerful tool for your business, so if you have a business and you don’t have a video you should be thinking about getting one now. Thanks for watching the video, I hope you’ve learned something new and interesting about video. Thanks again!