Optimising LinkedIn to Help With SEO?

There are many social networking sites out there now to choose from geared towards different interests and topics, this list includes the most popular which are the much loved, Facebook and Twitter.  Each of these has some potential value for SEO based on the simple fact that they can provide valuable links back to your website.  For me personally, Twitter is the way to go for SME’s to build a good network of  ‘followers’ and improve online reputation and profile.

One of the largest and arguably the most important genres for SME’s is Professional Social Networking…and there is only one clear winner and that is : LinkedIn

LinkedIn is the world’s largest professional network with over 120 million members and growing rapidly. Founded in December 2002 & launched in May 2003.  It is highly recommended that any business owners register online for a profile which is FREE and use this tool to help with SEO and build their reputation.

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How can you use LinkedIn for SEO?

LinkedIn has great page authority online so it is always good to be associated with sites likes this.  As we have covered in previous posts, a DoFollow attribute makes it very appealing for SEO, passing  link juice from your public profile.

Some must do’s when building a LinkedIn profile are:

1.  Upload a professional profile picture.

2.  As much information about yourself, your products and services on your profile

3.  Enable your page for status updates

4. Get people within your company to connect with your profile to start the process of building a larger presence

5. Populate the company overview page using informative descriptions

6. Build out your products and services pages on your profile

7. List locations you cover/serve

8. Connect your LinkedIn profile to your Twitter id

9. Monitor your profile regularly, responding where necessary. Download the free app for your mobile.

10. Recommend and be recommended

Feel free to visit my profile at and get connected : http://uk.linkedin.com/pub/ahtisham-hussain/22/2b/b91