The Benefits of Business Blogging: Part 3

Blogging can be engaging for business' customers

It’s an issue faced by lots of would-be bloggers out there: “I want to put a blog on my company’s website, but I don’t know what to write about!”

So what should you be talking about in your blog? The obvious answer is to write about your services, why you’re a great company, and any updates or changes to the products you offer. After all, it’s a business blog – so it makes sense to write about your business. Right?

Well, sort of. It’s fine to mention all your products and business updates, but they shouldn’t necessarily be the main focus of your blog. The thing is, information about your products and services – that’s what the rest of your website’s for. A blog is different. And the most effective business blogs generally focus on a more specific subject, or look at things from a particular angle.

For example, if you run a building company, you could use your blog to talk about your latest construction projects. But doesn’t that sort of information really belong on the Case Studies page?

How about a blog focusing on eco-friendly construction? You’d still be looking at the company’s recent building projects, but rather than just describing the work that’s be done, you’d be looking at the ways in which your company minimised the impact on the environment. And suddenly, your blog has an angle. People know what to expect from the blog, and if they’re interested, they’ll come back to your website again and again to read more posts on eco-friendly building.

Similarly, if you run a large company with a huge range of departments and products, try focusing on one area of the business – maybe a new area that’s being developed. You’ll become known as an authority on that particular product, and people will re-visit your blog for the latest industry updates.

By giving your blog an angle, or focusing on the latest updates from one small area of your industry, you’ll be more likely to be thought of as an authority on your chosen subject, and your blog will be more engaging. What’s more, as you really sink your teeth into your chosen subject, it’ll be more enjoyable for you to write – and that enjoyment will be reflected in the quality of your writing.