Where Can We Get a Web Design From? Part 1

So you want to push your business onto the web and need someone to design you a kick ass website. You want a design that keeps your marketing team happy, is both beautiful and easy to use, has fantastic content and most importantly is something that is going to win you business.

Where on earth do you begin?

It’s not as hard as it sounds. The obvious choice is to pay someone but there are a number of different solutions that will meet any budget. There are plenty people and organisations out there that are/have great designers and can produce 21st century da Vinci standard work with gorgeous graphics, smart effects and usable designs.

Web agencies

Web agencies can consist of a single individual to hundreds of employees and there are many to take your pick from. Agencies are often the most expensive option due to large overheads that smaller organisations don’t have and they will always affect the customer price! Projects with agencies can become complicated and loaded with documentation and deliverables. The upside of web agencies is that you’ll know you’ll get the best: talented and experienced designers who are happy to spend the time perfecting your web design.

Freelance designers

Freelance designers are usually a one man (or woman) band who have been around the block a few times. Mostly these people have previously worked for a larger organisations where they perfected their style and their skills so they are a safe pair of hands whom you can trust. This isn’t always the case though so you need your wits about you when choosing one. Being freelance they often work from their own home which keep their costs down resulting in lower customer prices. There are a number of websites where you can post your jobs and find freelancers across the web such as Elance and ODesk but often a Yell search will bring up local designers.

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