Improving Usability: Navigation

As a self-confessed bake-oholic, I know exactly where the cookware section is in my local John Lewis.  But as someone who hates shopping, I don’t register any of the departments that I travel through to get there.  I just know that I look for the raised section with the sports stuff, and it’s to the […]

Improving Usability: Mega Menus

The best ideas are often the simplest.  You know, the ones that, when you hear them you think “oh yeeeah”, or “yes, but that’s obvious”, or maybe simply “ooooh”. A recent (or maybe not-so-recent) website usability trend that’s here to stay is the mega menu – a massive drop-down list of categories under a navigation […]

Improving Usability: Links

Links are how people navigate the internet, so making them easy to use will improve the usability of your site.  The guidelines below are simple to implement, meaning half an hour of your time to review your use of links could significantly improve the pleasurability (is that a word?) for your users. Link styling One […]

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