What Is User Experience?

User experience is a broad term that describes the overall experience when a customer interacts with a website. Elements of user experience To ensure a good user experience, you need to think about: how easy the site’s functionality is to understand – is it immediately clear what the user is looking at and what they […]

How Good Web Accessibility Can Make Your Website Accessible

Web accessibility for your web site is not difficult Consider the following guidelines in your website’s visual design. A good web site designer will already be fully aware of these and will only produce web design ideas which consider web accessibility, but you can always take these as requirements to your designer to be certain. […]

What Is Web Accessibility in Good Web Design User Experience?

Summary Web accessibility means making your website accessible and usable for everyone. It means your website is inclusive to the whole population, not exclusive only to some. Web accessibility means people with disabilities can use the Web. It’s important because if it’s not accessible you may be breaking the law, lose custokmers, get a bad […]

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