Customer reviews and testimonials

We constantly strive to deliver the best possible service and experience for our customers. Here are just a few reviews from customers about the products and service they've had from Yell and how they have helped grow their business.

Video testimonials

Dr Rez Dental

Rosie Dilmah, co-owner of Dr Rez dental practice in Liverpool, talks about how working with the experts at Yell Agency has turned around their online visibility and lead generation via their new Yell Ultimate Website, targeted Facebook and Google advertising campaigns, enabling them to expand their business and customer base.

March 2023

Outlaw Motorbike Transport

David Harris of Outlaw Motorbike Transport describes how Yell has helped grow his business from a small startup three years ago, to a successful enterprise bringing in four times the amount of turnover today. From setting up his social media channels and website, to helping grow his online reputation and visibility, Yell has helped deliver more leads to his business.

January 2023

HM Maintenance

Howard Marsh, Owner of HM Maintenance, describes how investing in a new Yell Ultimate Smart Website and Yell Smart Performance have helped his business reach and be chosen by higher value potential customers across central Scotland. An investment that paid for itself within 6 months!
August 2022

The Muswell Hill Club

Hussein Lalani, Owner of The Muswell Hill Club, tells us how he used Yell Reputation Manager to help him take control of the club’s online reputation and how Smart Performance multi-channel digital advertising has contributed to over 700 new memberships in 8 months.
May 2022

Entrepreneur Consulting

Chris Birch, Director and Strategist at Entrepreneur Consulting Limited, explains how Yell Smart Performance multi-channel digital advertising has helped save time, drive website visitors, and maximise advertising conversion which has contributed to ongoing monthly revenues of over £9,000.

April 2022

Apex Self Storage

Alistair Johnson, General Manager of Apex Self Storage in Manchester, talks about how their new website alongside other online advertising activities built and managed by Yell has enabled them to grow their business, increasing enquiry volumes by 20%.
May 2021

Wildflower Turf

Becs Newman, Office & Marketing Manager at Wildflower Turf Limited, describes how Yell Smart Performance digital advertising gets their online ads seen by the right people at the right time in the right places, helping their business grow by 40% last year.
April 2022

GCS Cabins

Jade Sheppard, Sales & Marketing Co-ordinator at GCS Cabins Ltd talks about how Yell helped increase leads from 5 to 150-200 a month with the creation of a new website and video, and targeted Yell.com advertising, PPC and social ad campaigns.
April 2021

City Environmental Services

Sophie Anderson, Marketing Manager at City Environmental Services (UK) Ltd, talks about how Yell overhauled their website and created a tailored marketing strategy that drives quality traffic, enquiries and conversions to their business.
April 2021

Stuarts Skip Hire

Denise Hughes, a Director for Stuarts Skip Hire in South Wales, talks about how Yell helped them increase quality business leads by 300% with paid advertising on Yell.com, PPC ads, Reputation Manager, and a new website.
April 2021

Kitchen Culture

Tracey Bond, co-owner of Kitchen Culture in Kent, talks about how Yell helped triple their monthly kitchen sales with the creation of a new website and video, plus online advertising on Yell.com, targeted PPC ad campaigns, and Reputation Manager.
April 2021


Densley James, Managing Director at Sigma Engineering Product Design describes how Yell’s marketing support has helped the business reach a wider clientele and transform turnover by delivering an ecommerce website and targeted online advertising to drive more website visits and calls.
August 2021

Customer reviews

"I would highly recommend Yell as I have had continuous work since joining. The leads have been genuine and successful in getting me work. I've tried many other forms of advertising over the years but Yell seems to be a good, cost-effective way of generating work."

Andrew D, August 2020

"Yell has been easy to use and helped our business to grow rapidly over the past couple of years. Martin P has always been excellent and helpful whenever we have had a question, and we have always followed his advice which has led to our success. We recommend Yell highly to anybody."

Damien B, November 2020
Yell.com & Websites

"We have used Yell/Yellow Pages for many years. In recent years, the transition onto digital platforms has helped to develop and grow our business, ensuring a consistent flow of work. This has not been greater recognised than during the current pandemic where the use of Google Ads and our Yell.com advert has kept our business out there and at the forefront of people's minds when they require our services."

Ben B, July 2020
Yell.com & PPC

"We have worked many years with Yell right from the very beginning of our business starting up. Jack, our account manager, is extremely supportive and will always assist to ensure our business is working to its full potential regarding advertising across the website and all our social media. The regular contact and visits we receive from Jack are to ensure we are moving with the times and keeping us at the top of our game in health and social care."

Ann N, July 2020
Websites & Social Ads

"We have advertised on Yell.com for over 20 years, however in the last 6 months we have moved more of our marketing over to Yell, and have seen a significant increase in conversions already. We cannot thank Yell enough for their dedication and attention to detail towards the development of our new website and marketing campaign. We have gone from having almost no contact or assistance from our previous marketing company, to weekly updates and assistance with Yell."

Sophie A, October 2020
Yell.com & Websites

"Yell spent time to understand my business goals and objectives, put together a plan for me to do better locally on Facebook, helped me optimise my Google My Business page and set me some targets to ensure I get found in the top 3 on Google Maps. I had no idea how much was missing until I was shown. They have also put together a package that sorts all my social media advertising out for me & PPC, so I don’t have to worry. It’s working really well and I am excited to see if this partnership can move us forward to a post-COVID world where we thrive and grow!"

Kevin S, July 2020
Smart Performance

"I was an existing customer of Yell having bought and used the Smart Performance product in a site that I previously managed. Having been promoted to Operations Director, I became responsible for another site which had been struggling especially during and after the COVID-19 lockdown. I contacted Nisha at Yell and asked for a proposal which would detail the estimated number of views/clicks for a spend of £600 per calendar month. We are now coming to the end of Month Three, and emails, visitors to our website, Facebook enquiries and phone calls have all dramatically increased. Once again, I’m delighted with Smart Performance as a product, and also with the continued service provided by Nisha."

Martin W, September 2020
Smart Performance

"I have been with Yell for over 4 years. All the products I have used with Yell have completely changed my business. In the first 3 years I have tripled my turnover with Yell. John T, my business development manager at Yell, has been exceptional throughout the time I have been with Yell. He has guided my business to where it is today. John has now introduced me to the very latest in advertising technology called Smart Performance. It looks fantastic, and although I have just started with Smart Performance, it is bringing so much traffic to my website already. I would really like to thank all at Yell for their help over the years, especially John who has been fantastic in guiding me and my business to constant success."

Howard M, July 2020
Smart Performance

"I have advertised with Yell for years for my other business. I recently decided to trust Yell with more spend as I wanted to expand the business into new areas. Your agent Bobby W helped me with this. I also wanted to kickstart my new business with a website, some advertising, social media coverage, and get it on Google. As I was happy with the service from Yell and Bobby personally, I decided to use Yell again for this. I have already seen results from the Google listing and optimisation which I am grateful for. We have just set up a package that looks after all my social media and Google advertising and I am looking forward to that working as well as my other products! Thanks for your help Yell & Bobby, I will recommend your services."

Kiel W, July 2020
Smart Performance

"I took over as the MD of this business fairly recently and knew that we needed to bring the business into the modern era online. I knew our Google presence wasn’t good, we had no social media etc. I asked for Bobby W's support in getting our Google page sorted, getting up in the top 3 in the Maps section, sorting our social media out with some adverts, set me up on Instagram & PPC, and just somebody to basically guide me through the process and help me as it’s not my expertise. Bobby’s help has been second to none, but equally as impressive is the Smart Performance package I bought. In the first 22 days, I had annualised orders of 30 times my monthly investment. I was blown away! I really am glad that I chose Bobby & Yell to look after my whole marketing plan."

Shaun S, July 2020
Smart Performance

"We had the pleasure of dealing with Jack F recently to discuss and add Smart Performance to our package. Jack was extremely helpful, honest, and easy to deal with. His knowledge of the product and what is suitable for us as a company is excellent, and he was more than happy to take the time to answer the many questions and queries we shot at him! Having dealt with Yell over the last year, and recommendations and explanations of the Smart Performance product from Jack, we were happy to commit, knowing that if there were any queries, any assistance was needed, or our listing needs adapting to meet our business needs, Yell - and Jack - are easy to get hold of, quick to respond, and happy to help. In the two weeks since adding this product to our marketing package, Smart Performance has already smashed the estimated monthly outcomes."

James F, July 2020
Smart Performance

"I agreed to purchase Smart Performance from Nisha at Yell. As a business, we had been spending thousands of pounds per annum on printed marketing in local magazines, papers, having flyers delivered, adverts in Sainsbury’s and Tesco. We have little to nothing to show for this spend, with no way of tracking the success of each campaign. Nisha explained each step of the process, showed me the system, and gave me a full proposal which outlined the expected views and clicks for the spend. For the first time I was able to see and demonstrate to the owners of the business the success of the campaign in real time. Emails, visitors to our website, Facebook enquiries and phone calls have all increased tenfold. I am delighted with Smart Performance as a product, and also with the service provided by Nisha personally, and I highly recommend both."

Martin W, September 2020
Smart Performance

"Bobby W came to my house recently and did a thorough deep dive of my business to understand how he could help me. I was expecting, to be honest, somebody to come in and promise me the world and try and sell me something for the sake of it. I was really impressed that Bobby suggested going for a minimum spend plan, to test the market and build trust before asking me to spend big money. We agreed that I would grow my spend over time if it works. So far the results seem great, I had 150 extra website visitors in the first 4 days of Smart Performance going live. We are catching up next week to do our first two weekly performance review. I am really pleased with how the product looks, the images are great, and the whole package just fills me with confidence that it will work. It’s a whole new world from advertising in a yellow book like my father did! Yell has really moved with the times."

Natale L, July 2020
Smart Performance & Websites

"I cannot thank Nadia enough for all her help with setting up our adverts and other services with Yell. She has advised and guided us the whole way through the process from start to finish. Anything we were unsure about or needed a little more information about, Nadia was only an email or phone call away. She really was a massive help. I am so pleased with the service that Yell has provided, it is professional and efficient, and I cannot believe that from the very first day of the advert going live, my phone was ringing - and not just the odd phone call, it was ringing all day. The first week of my business operation, and I was busy all thanks to Yell. The website that Yell has created for me is brilliant! It is everything I expected and more. It is easy to use and professional looking. It was a simple process to create it, I sat down and briefed the designer on what I wanted, and then I left the rest to the experts to create the final product. I was walked through it step by step once finished, and explained simply but detailed enough to me so that I could understand - considering I am not very technically minded, it was a great help. I really am pleased with the business that Yell has brought in for me so far, and I am excited to continue working with them in the future. I will certainly be recommending them to any new businesses that I know."

Beth P, September 2020
Websites, Yell.com

"We started our journey with Smart Performance last month. Stefan was very friendly to deal with, and we had a couple of WhatsApp Video Call meetings before we onboarded the service - he was very thorough and showed us clear stats on what the service could deliver. Stefan was also very pleasant to deal with, I have had conversations with other account managers prior to this experience from other agencies and I have felt spoken down to because I didn’t know the full ‘ins and outs’ of Digital Marketing, and Stefan able to give us full clarity on what to expect with ad spend, ROI and PPC. Through Onboarding I spoke with Matthew from the Digital Marketing team (alongside Stefan) to tailor our ad to reflect our business. Matthew was very thorough and asked a lot of detailed questions regarding keywords and what advertising platforms we wanted to target, this was great as I felt very included in what work was being produced and also had the chance to bounce ideas off of the marketing team at Yell. The final product looks very professional and has already created three messaging conversations through Facebook. I also really appreciated the SOW that was sent across, it was very thorough and I think it’ll be great for further developing the business in the next year. I am very impressed with our results after one week, we have had 3 telephone bookings and 2 Facebook bookings, and 14,396 impressions across our paid ad platforms. I am excited to see what results we can yield across July and I will continue to recommend Stefan and Smart Performance to other businesses who are looking for a Paid Ad service."

Zara F, July 2020
Smart Performance

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