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Check Out Google Trends

Brilliant tool for PPC and keyword insight – the revamped Google insights. Now, as with any Google tool, take traffic volumes with a pinch of salt but it’s great for identifying movement in the search market. The home page looks like Google search, but it’s just for us PPC geeks. This tool allows you to […]

Apple to Release a Search Engine?

Now, this is just speculation based on my musings. If this comes off though, please refer to ‘I told you so’ So Apple, I predict will, in the not so distant future release a Search Engine or some form of PPC platform. Or, sell the data they gather from their Apple fans. Or, partner up […]

Sitelinks at Adgroup Level

Sitelinks. Mentioned these a few weeks ago. I repeat myself a lot in real life as well if you have identified a theme. That blog focused on needing unique landing pages for each sitelink URL. Google are paying more and more attention to sitelinks within the PPC realm. Why? Well, they tested them in the […]

Sort Out Your AdWord Sitelinks.

Sitelinks. Those lovely things you can add onto your PPC advert to make it more shiny, informative, relevant and above all – more ‘clickable’. Sitelinks also give you a bigger search presence and in some instances, give you 5 urls on the SERPs over one. They also allow you to cross promote and promote seasonal […]

AdWords PPC Gets Shared Monthly Budgets

AdWords now let you have one large shared budget for ‘additional control and flexibility’ Woo – I was pleased when I first heard of this, muttering ‘finally!’ I manage a client with multiple campaigns with budget weighting throughout the month geared towards pay day and historically, better ROI metrics. As they sell clothes, search volume […]

Excel Tools for PPC – Pivot Tables

I mentioned before about a great tool for AdWord campaigns namely the editor. After the editor, my other favourite programs (I know I’m darn cool) are without doubt Microsoft Excel and Google Analytics. I harp on about GA (Analytics) a lot to both client and colleagues alight but Excel not so much. Hence this blog. […]

iPhone 5, iOS 6 and its potential impact on PPC.

In the UK more people use Google then Bing. This is an undisputable fact. This is the same with both desktop and mobile driven searches. Mobile, at the moment is the highest increasing traffic source and this increase is seen mainly on Google. Some companies report a year on year 11% increase in desktop traffic […]

Does SEO Help PPC?

Question. Does SEO optimisation help with your PPC endeavours? Bit of a mouthy title, granted, but the question is does having a site with strong SEO help with your PPC quality scores? I know the official line from Google is that they have no direct correlation but logically, I don’t agree. I think it does […]

Tracking Cross Domains in GA and ‘Onclick’ Tracking.

When I started working in Google Analytics religiously – it’s brilliant, I love it as much as Excel. Geek alert I know – I had to get my head around cross domain tracking. This is when your traffic isn’t contained in just one website. Maybe you have a subdomain, a payment gateway which directs people […]

Google Analytics – Have an Audit

I blogged last week about account audits. It was revolutionary I know. Edge of your seat stuff. But the audit focused on pure AdWords practices. The baseline. There’s also other stuff you need to be analysing and optimising. Sure your PPC account may be ideal but what if the website you send your traffic to […]

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