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PPC Audits. How and Why?

Audits. Not a scary word. Well maybe a little bit. PPC accounts can be audited by your client, a consultant or a company after your business. I have performed many of these, looking at an account in the interface and in editor and just trying to find faults and wins with it. PPC is a […]

Click on PPC Adverts

Sometimes when people ask me what I do, I just say ‘Google Stuff’.  If probed I would say something along the lines of I increase a client’s visibility in the search engines and help drive relevant traffic to their website. The coherency of this sentence is greatly dependent on how late in the eve it […]

AdWords Ad Scheduling

Ad Scheduling. Yet another useful tool to any PPC’er. Well. What is it? It’s a tool within the AdWords system which allows you to say ‘Yep, run my adverts all day Monday but pause them on Sunday’ or even more specific, pause them from 4pm – 10pm every night. Something like that. Basically control over […]

Tracking Changes in AdWords and adCenter

In AdWords and in MSN adCenter, you can see what’s been occurring in terms of the changes users have been uploading. So? Well. This can be pretty useful if a team of people work on the account. If a rogue negatives been uploaded, when and by who? What are the other teams up to?  When […]

AdWords Matching to “Typ-Oes”

Don’t worry, the title is suppose to be ‘ironic’. Yesterday Google AdWords announced they are going to start matching keywords to typos, plurals, or variations.  I have discussed before about keyword research. Adding variations, looking at what Google Search Instant suggests, adding misspellings – without DKI adverts of course, don’t want your user base thinking […]

LinkedIn PPC

I often harp on about Facebook PPC. Just check out some of my past blogs as testament to that! A stumbling block people come across, is ‘But I’m a B2B company! Would Facebook work for me?’ Well. Potentially yes. I have, unsurprisingly already blogged about this. But have you considered LinkedIn? No. Well. You should. Like Facebook, […]

PPC – Average Time on Site in Analytics

In Google Analytics, there is a lot of tasty data. This data is really important to determine how well your PPC campaign is performing. It’s not just about the click or the advert, there are so many other factors that influence if your campaign converts. So, question. You are running PPC. The Quality Scores are […]

Click Through Rates and PPC

Click through rate is a metric which is recorded in AdWords and is normally abbreviated as ‘CTR’. It’s a general rule of thumb that anything above 1% on search is decent and generally on display, anything over 0.04% isn’t awful. CTR is certainly an important metric, but it is also, certainly not the most important. […]

Why Use the Ad Preview Tool?

Account built. Adverts live. But don’t you want to see them? For many, it feels much more real to actually see the adverts ‘in the flesh’ so to speak. Most people will go straight to Google, potentially logged into their account and search for their keyword to bring up their advert. Not a good idea. […]

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