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Honor is a content writer who believes that stories sell. She has a background in online marketing, and now writes across print, video, press, radio and digital. Current fascinations include coding, grammar debates on Twitter and rediscovering the joys of a library card.

How to Write Your Company’s Story

You don’t have to be Hans Christian Andersen to spin a good yarn, especially about something you know inside out: your company. If you run a blog and social media for your business, you’ll have a lot of company profiles that you can use to show off how great your service is. What do they […]

Are You Getting the Data You Need to Write Amazing Content?

You can’t write a thesis without some solid evidence to make sure you don’t get ousted as a charlatan. That’s true of creating web content too, you know. You may be crafting delicious stories that make your company sound just beautiful – but what’s driving it? Sure, it’s a creative process. But every industry has […]

The Anatomy of a Good Blog Post

It’s great you’re blogging, but how about getting it read? Wouldn’t that be nice? The key to making content readable (apart from ditching words like ‘solution’) is a good structure. A recognisable hierarchy helps readers sort out what’s important, what they want to read and how this blog is going to work out for them […]

Two Testing Tools That Will Help You Write Good Blog Content

What makes content good? These things: Tone and style: does it make the reader feel the way you need them to feel and is it pleasant to read? Is it appropriate and does it sound like you? Readability: Can your target audience read and understand it? Usefulness: Is it relevant? Will people benefit from reading […]

Bring Your Blogs to Life With Free Images

Trying to get hold of images you can use easily, legally and (most important) free is often really hard. Google > right click > save is not an option. When you’re publishing things onto the internet, stealing images is a very bad idea. There are millions of stock images available on hundreds of websites, but […]

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