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Honor is a Creative Director with a copywriting background. She writes about brand strategy, emerging trends and small business marketing.

5 Websites for When You’re Stuck With Marketing

Sometimes, a creative brain hits a wall of overwhelm and needs a break to look at shiny stuff. It’s the food that nourishes our creativity. Whatever your industry, looking at marketing inspiration from other brands far and wide is great stimulus. I’ve got five websites for you to browse when you’re stuck with marketing. When […]

How to Give Productive Creative Feedback

Good work doesn’t happen without good feedback. Whatever the level of creative working on a project, they need an outside view to bounce their idea off. Now, sometimes the only feedback required is, ‘This is great.’ Too often, we feel we have to find SOMETHING to criticise if asked for our opinion. So, what’s the […]

How to Pitch Yourself to Publications

When you’re a small business owner, YOU are a big part of your brand. The business is shaped by your personality, values and priorities, so looking after your personal profile is important. I can’t – and won’t, I just won’t! – tell you how to build the mystique of Elon Musk, whose profile has made […]

How to Plan an Animated Video

Is this the year you get that killer marketing video for your business? I’ve broken the process down into five simple steps to plan, script and design an animated video that will have you booking a yacht for Cannes 2023, such will be your excitement. Nail the messages and their order, then the rest is […]

How to Use Awards for Branding

Every industry has its own array of awards. The North-East Humberside Contact Centre Awards. The Innovation in Plant Machinery Hire Awards. It’s all quite silly. Silly – and a money-spinning marketing ploy of course. But it’s an ecosystem. You pay the entry fee and perhaps buy a table at the ceremony, and you might get […]

Google Bard and the Ethics of AI

I generally don’t get excited about technology until Google’s released their version of it. Microsoft integrating OpenAI doesn’t ignite much in my brain. Google Bard? You have my attention. What is Google Bard? This is the conversational AI tool by Google that’s the equivalent of Open AI’s ChatGPT. These tools are what get headlines, but […]

Supporting Your People in a Tough Economic Climate

The economy is struggling and everyone is worried about the political, environmental and financial climate. Facing challenging times, what can business leaders do to help their people feel looked after? How to help people weather the storm 1. Focus on efficiencies, not new stuff It’s our jobs as business leaders to be preserving cash to […]

How to Write Alt Text for Accessibility

Blind and visually impaired people use alternative text (alt text) to understand images, charts and other visual content displayed online. Alt text is a brief description of an image that’s read aloud by screenreader software. It’s important to write alt text that describes the content of the image, and to place it in the HTML […]

Notion Launches AI Copy Tool

And now for an AI copy tool I could consider trusting! I use Notion for note-keeping, journalling and so on. I already trust them with my words – could I trust them to WRITE my words? My first foray into AI copywriting was with Jasper.ai, which has been around for a good few years. Their […]

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