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Honor Clement-Hayes

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Honor is a content writer who believes that stories sell. She has a background in online marketing, and now writes across print, video, press, radio and digital. Current fascinations include coding, grammar debates on Twitter and rediscovering the joys of a library card.

Create Your Own Twitter Moments

That’s right – you now have the power to create your very own moment. A cultural movement. A second in time that will send ripples through the world’s consciousness. Or gather a few tweets into something kinda neat with very little effort. Recap: what’s a Twitter Moment again? Remember that tab on Twitter that you […]

Instagram Will Let You Censor Haters

Does that sound sarcastic? Maybe it is. Instagram has just announced that it will allow account holders to make a list of keywords they deem ‘unacceptable’ in order to automatically hide comments on their posts. It’s a mommy blogger’s dream. Banned: fake, irresponsible, shilling, sponsored… What difference will banned keywords make to Instagram users? For […]

How To And Not To Use Memes In Marketing

A meme is not a picture with words on it. It’s a concept. A digital movement. The meme is the idea itself; the image or text is merely the medium by which it spreads. It’s a running, skipping, jumping joke that mutates over thousands of retellings. Memes have ridiculed presidents. Memes have spread conspiracies. Most importantly, memes […]

5 Canva Updates for Even Easier Graphics

It’s no secret that I love Canva. I use it nearly every day for work and freelance and general life. Although it’s a fabulous platform for creating free designs, it’s always had a few flaws. Not bad enough to make me go elsewhere but a bit annoying. But guess what? It looks like Canva’s mopping […]

Instagram Goes Snapchat With Stories

I suppose it was inevitable. Instagram largely serves up still pictures one by one – and the world wants more. The popularity of Snapchat may be baffling but if you’re one of the biggest platforms in the world, as Instagram is, it can’t be ignored. Instagram Stories Cute name. Almost like…Snapchat Stories? In fact, the […]

Has Google Made a Secret Quality Update?

Last week, one of the sites I write for saw a sudden massive jump in traffic to the content area. I couldn’t explain it (embarrassing) but I was very pleased – we had our best day ever in the history of our content. Now, I’m hearing whispers of a change to an appropriately nicknamed Google […]

Should You Delete Your Social Media Account?

A few weeks ago, some bright spark in Hillary Clinton’s team brought about something great.  It was a tweet to Donald Trump that said “Delete your account.” in response to some typically nonsensical musing he’d published. It wasn’t just a stone cold diss – it was a meme that had been doing the rounds on […]

Twitter Now Has 140-Second Videos

Cute, Twitter. Very cute. To match its trademark 140 character limit, Twitter has surprise-launched 140-second videos. Previously, the platform had only offered 30-second clips. 30 seconds is not enough – not even close. With Instagram recently increasing to 1 minute, this sounds like another case of Twitter desperately clawing to stay popular. It’s been a depressing few […]

Are You Cool Enough to Use Slang in Your Marketing?

If you’re asking and not just doing, the answer is quite probably no. Take it from me: I’m 26 years old and I cringe at a lot of the things the yoof say these days. And I cringe even harder at the brands trying to keep up with them. Talking to young people My day […]

New Google Tool to Help You Optimise Your Website

A little while ago, a lot of small businesses were hit by Google’s decision to crack down on websites that weren’t mobile-optimised. If you weren’t ready, you may have found yourself ‘slapped’ or demoted in search results. That seemed a bit mean (although we were given quite a lot of notice) but Google has now […]

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