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Jamie Carmichael

Jamie is an avid writer, reader and content marketer. After landing his first role as a copywriter straight out of university, he now writes for a Forbes top 100 education company whilst running his own content service. Jamie believes that the only way to build communities and make sales is through honest, value-giving marketing.

How to Create Your Business Brand in 3 Simple Steps

Branding is an extremely complex issue, and is the subject of much confusion for small business owners, especially in the digital space. When most owners think of making changes to their brand, they envision hours spent scrutinizing logos and quibbling with graphic designers. In actual fact, your brand has implications far beyond the look and […]

Ecommerce 101: Five Steps to Start Marketing Your Product

David Ogilvy once said that, in the world of business, it’s useless to be a creative thinker unless you can also sell what you create. This sentiment is doubly true in the world of eCommerce. No matter how good your product is, it’s not going to sell in an online market place without great marketing […]

E-commerce 101: How to Choose your Sales Platform

So you’ve got a great product that you’re proud of, a hand-picked target audience, and you’re all ready to start making sales online? Congratulations! Our first step is going to be to create a robust, informed business plan that paves the way to business success. First, we’re going to choose our selling strategy. Breaking in […]

Get Real Results by Split Testing Your eCommerce Pages (the scientific way!)

eCommerce marketers know that they’re supposed to test their pages to find the optimal content for their target audience. However, many of us waste enormous amounts of time running tests that never seem to produce noticeable improvements. What are we doing wrong? Tell me if the following conversation sounds somewhat familiar to you: Marketer: “Boss, […]

8 Golden Rules for Customer Service in eCommerce

I was inspired to write this post after experiencing a particularly great piece of customer service from the guys over at WASD Custom Keyboards this week. That sentence in itself should demonstrate to you how important customer service is to ecommerce businesses – the fact that people will go so far as to write blog […]

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