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John is a content strategist and web copywriter who has worked with a number of high profile technology companies for over 10 years. His clear understanding of how digital content works best has delivered proven and compelling results for both business and consumer audiences.

Five Ways to Find Out What Your Website Visitors Really Want

As a business owner, creating, maintaining and updating your website content is one of the hardest things you have to do. Although you know your business better than anyone, the process of turning that knowledge into concise, customer-friendly web pages can feel like an exercise in frustration. A key challenge is working out what your website visitors are really looking for. While you […]

Five Ways to Make Video Work for Your Business

Video is a versatile medium that can really bring your business, products and services to life. But what’s the secret to creating great video content? Here are five principles to get you started. 1. Let your personality shine through Video can create an immediate, personal connection with your users. It’s an ideal medium through which to demonstrate […]

Five Web Design Trends That Have Had Their Day

It’s incredible to see how web design trends spread. They start slowly, with just a few sites doing things in a new way. But soon, everyone’s at it. Not every web design trend is for the better. In recent years, some have emerged that would, let’s be honest, be best off in the rubbish bin. […]

Get Your Website Right With Guerrilla Usability Testing

Over two-and-a-half billion people use the internet. They’re probably not all looking for what your business sells. But a tiny proportion of them will be. Once you’ve found ways to reach that group of people (perhaps via online advertising, SEO or social media work), it’s really important you give them an outstanding user experience (UX). […]

Six Ways to Craft a Great Call to Action

Read to the end of this blog post and you’ll become a millionaire. If only that were true. But it got your attention, didn’t it? No matter whether you’re selling products online, promoting an event or simply want to get people to sign up to your newsletter, your call to action (CTA) is crucial. It’s what gets your website visitors […]

Six Characteristics of a Winning Product Description

We’ve all been there. You’re doing a bit of online shopping, you find the perfect pair of jeans and you want to know more. But when you click ‘learn more’ … nothing. There are no details about the material, no sizing information and no reviews – just a larger picture. Disappointed, you leave the site, […]

Three Proven Ways to Tempt People Back to Buy From Your Website

You can do everything right on your website, yet people will still put things in their shopping basket and then disappear. In fact, on average, around 68% of online shopping baskets are abandoned before users check out. You wouldn’t walk into a supermarket, fill up your trolley and then walk out leaving it behind. So […]

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