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Case Study – Premium Video Production (Part 1)

Making videos for clients isn’t easy!  Sometimes you may look at a video and think “Meh, I could do that no problem”, while other videos are…What am I talking about, they’re ALL difficult or should I say, challenging! (I love that word, has many meanings) What I find…”Challenging”, isn’t necessarily the Filming, the conditions on […]

What Is My Video For?

This should be the first question we ask when making a video, which makes it kind of embarrassing that I’ve been blogging for 5 months now and this is when I’m choosing to blog about it. Anyway… The purpose of a television commercial is to barge into a persons living room and demand their attention […]

Favourite Editing Techniques: No.1 Feel the Beat

I love cutting video to the beat of the music. There’s a little squirm of joy when images change with every thud of the beat of the soundtrack. Here’s how I do it. Every piece of NLE (none linear editing) software has the capacity to place markers on a time line. I start the process […]

Shoot Day – Part 1

By this time, you should have everything organised, you’ll have had the brief and signed it off, the Video Producer would also have sent you a script (if required) a blank schedule for you to complete, so he/she knows where and what he will be filming throughout the day. If you’re having testimonials, this would […]

How Can I Use My Video?

All of the blogs I’ve written so far are designed to help someone making their own video for the first time, and this one will be no exception. However, I’m not going to offer any advice on production but instead I’m going to stop and consider what we do with our videos once they’re made. […]

How to Share Video on Twitter

How to share video on Twitter Back in September 2010 Twitter introduced the ability to embed videos into tweets so that that users can stream videos whilst on the Twitter website. The user can read tweets on the left side of the page whilst streaming video on the right side of the same page. This […]

Practical Tips for Your First Video Edit.

Editing video is brilliant. For me it’s like the best video game I’ve ever played and then some. When I sit down to edit there’s the anticipation of all of the possible videos I could make out of the footage in front of me. As an editor you are not bound by the ideas you […]

Planning Your Video – Part 2

In my previous article “Planning your video – Part 1”, we discussed the first steps that are needed to be thought through, before we even talk about getting the shoot booked in.  To be able to stand back from your business and  see it through your customers eyes, both existing and new…is key! This can […]

Best Video Sharing Websites for Businesses

There are many video sharing websites out there. This post gives our recommendations as to which video sharing websites to target when using video to market your business. Some leading video sharing websites have a specific arts, entertainment and/or music focus, for example Metacafe and Vimeo. These services may be of value if your business […]

Shooting Your First Video – Stupid Mistakes We’ve All Made

You want to shoot your first ever video. You’ve got a camera, and a location, written your script, and got everyone together for the shoot. Here are a few examples of simple mistakes most first timers make and easy ways to avoid them. Plan your shots. Don’t rely on your script and expect to wing […]

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