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10 Marketing Quick Wins You Can Do In An Hour

Looking for some quick wins? From reviewing all your social media bios, links and images through to a free website health check. Easy, quick steps to refresh your marketing and start getting some results.

Everybody likes a freebie! How about 9 of them? Make the most out of your website with these 9 totally free tools provided by Google.

Often we talk about long-term marketing strategies. Future plans and sustainable campaigns dominate our conversation. But every now and then, we need a quick win. Something small that’s going to make a difference.

It can feel like there’s no money or time to implement anything new but that’s where these small tasks come in. Whether it’s reviewing your social media platforms or updating some imagery, there are always small jobs hanging around that can be done quickly and can make a real impact.

These easy, quick suggestions will help to reinvigorate your marketing and will put you on the right path to getting the results you need. So, the next time you or a team member find a spare hour pull up this list and get to work.

Marketing quick wins

  1. Social media bio review
  2. Website review
  3. Set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console
  4. Create a landing page for an offer
  5. Ask for reviews and testimonials
  6. SEO check
  7. Send a newsletter
  8. Create your Google  Business profile
  9. Repurpose existing content
  10. Free website health check

Social media bio review

When was the last time you checked what was in your social media bios? That’s what we thought. Visit each social media site you use and work your way through the profile section. Checking links, banners, headlines, opening hours, contact details and the about section making sure everything works, is relevant and up-to-date – making any changes that you need to. Then schedule a reminder for six months’ time to do exactly the same thing.

Website review

Take the time to go through your website page by page, checking all the links, images and forms work. Websites are updated so often by different people, and things happen. A link is deleted, a picture resizes itself, or an update shifts things around. Unless you make time to regularly review your site, the only way you’ll know if something isn’t working is by a visitor telling you, and that doesn’t make the best impression.

Set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console

If you haven’t already set these up, then you must have been living under a rock. But there’s no time like the present. These two tools give you the best insights into how your website is performing, how people interact with your site and the way your site appears in searches. These do take a little bit of time to set up properly, but we promise it’ll be worth it. Once you’ve found them follow the steps, and before you know it you’ll be dazzled with data.

Technically this tip pushes us up to 11, but if you’ve already set up Google Analytics and Google Search Console, then go into them. Look at what keywords you’re ranking for, check out how long people are staying on your site, your top-performing pages and rifle through the data to see what you can learn.

Create a landing page for an offer

Have you recently launched a new offer or service? Create a landing page (see our guide here for help) and start optimising your campaign and increasing conversions. Create stellar copy, create your own (or find an agency to create some for you) captivating images, add a clear call-to-action and share the URL to use when promoting that service. Still, got some time left? Split test the landing page with different imagery or headline and check back in a few days to see the results.

Ask for reviews and testimonials

The proof is in the pudding. Well, for a lot of potential clients, it’s in reviews, case studies and testimonials. Write to your current or most recent clients with a few prompt questions and ask for a review you can share. Better yet, point them to your Google Business Profile (formerly Google My Business Profile) to leave a review there. If you’ve got any particular success stories, then contact them directly and ask if you can write up a case study on them.

SEO check

This might take you slightly more than an hour, depending on the size of your website, but it’s definitely worth doing. Checking the meta links, page descriptions, image sizes, and Alt tags will help boost your site ranking and allow you to update anything that’s changed. It’s best to take one page and do that thoroughly before moving on rather than spreading your efforts too thin. If it’s been a while since the page was written, then it’s worth casting your eye over the content to make sure it’s still relevant, and your keywords are where they should be.

Send a newsletter

Email marketing is one of the best performing marketing strategies out there. But it only works well if you’re sending regular, consistent updates. You could craft a newsletter to go to your full mailing list, or maybe look at what segment you could target. If you’re already sending regular updates, then maybe look at how you’re promoting joining your mailing list. Is it on your website? Email signature? Social media platforms? Don’t forget to drop past clients an email with any new services or business updates. You never know what might come of it.

Create your Google  Business profile

When you search for a business on Google, and a dedicated profile comes up on the right-hand side of your screen, that’s a Google Business profile. Once claimed, it gives you the ability to add opening hours, contact details, offers and reviews. In short – it’s a key part of any online strategy. It’s straightforward to do, and Google will walk you through the process, search for Google Business Profile Manager and follow the steps. Be sure to fill out every section and be specific with your description, including any main keywords you want to rank for.

Repurpose existing content

How many times do you share a blog post? Or use key points from a video to create social media posts? Content shouldn’t be used once and forgotten about. The real value of creating videos, emails, blogs and articles is the ability to repurpose them. You can take a listicle blog post, such as this one, and create a social post from each tip. You can take a social media post that performed well and turn it into a podcast debate. You can turn testimonials into social posts. You can take statistics from your annual report and create an industry update blog that you can then turn into posts for social media. The world is your oyster when it comes to repurposing your content so use your hour wisely.

Free website health check

Of course, the quickest marketing win is getting a free website health check. This handy service analyses your website, checking search engine visibility, mobile optimisation, website security and page speed, along with a few other key measurements. In just a few moments, you’ll be presented with a detailed report that will give you a list of recommendations on how to improve your website. You’ll have time left over from your spare hour to start putting some of the recommendations into practise leaving you with an improved website. Take a look at our free website checker and benefit from our recommendations.

There you have it, 10(ish) marketing quick wins that will take you less than an hour but you’ll start seeing the benefits straight away. Some can be diarised to help keep things up-to-date; others are one-off jobs that can be cleared from your to-do list. While marketing should focus on the long-term and building strategies or campaigns, there are always small, quick jobs that will make refresh your marketing and start bringing in some results.

Our free website health check is just the start of how our team of experts here at Yell can help your business. With a whole range of digital marketing services on offer, we can help turn your marketing quick wins into long term successes.

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