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Understand The Power Of Shop Window Videos

Does Your Business Have A Shop Window? If it does, then you need to get a video display in it. Most major brand shops now have video displays, and while as a small business owner, you may be thinking that this is not for you, as it’s too expensive and not enough value, let me tell…

Does Your Business Have A Shop Window?

WindowIf it does, then you need to get a video display in it. Most major brand shops now have video displays, and while as a small business owner, you may be thinking that this is not for you, as it’s too expensive and not enough value, let me tell you exactly why it IS valuable and why shop window video displays can get you a big return on a relatively small investment.

I’m going to make the assumption that as a small business owner you have a website and therefore are likely to also have a business overview video. If you haven’t had a video made for your website, why not? Have one made immediately. Read any of my other blogs to find out just how massively powerful video marketing is.

Okay let’s look at why having a shop window video display is a great idea.

It Makes Your Shop Window More Attractive

WindowI don’t mean prettier, or more aesthetically pleasing. I mean it will make your shop literally more attractive. I’ve talked in several blogs about how and why human beings are drawn to movement. All we have to remember is that shop front displays are invariably static, so adding a video display will draw the eye of passing customers. Isn’t the point of a shop front display to get people to look in? Then simply adding a playing video increases the worth of your window massively. It increases the number of people who will give your window a first, and second glance.

It Will Show More Stock

You can’t display all of your stock range in your window, but you can on a video screen. It wouldn’t be the best use of your resource to show every single item you sell. BUT you can display larger items, products that don’t fit your current window theme and items that your staff have to prepare or fit.

It Will Show Your Great Service

If your business is based around fitting products in a customer’s home or to a specific user, you can’t show this in a static window. You can with a video. Tailors suddenly get to show themselves altering clothes or fitting bespoke suits. Your video can show all of the homes where you’ve fitted a fireplace or windows or a kitchen. Your video display can show you caring for your clients.

You Can Demonstrate Products

Do you sell a great product or service that requires a demonstration? Then have your videographer produce a video about that and play it in your window video display. Suddenly the very thing you were trying to draw customers in to do is in your window. Passing trade can see how and why your product works. It is so much more interesting and arresting for those passing than a static window.

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It’s Always On

WindowYou aren’t in your shop 24 hours a day. You aren’t there to demonstrate, or help, or explain, or take bookings. Your video display in your window becomes an extension of your working hours. It becomes a new outreach to those who may not get the opportunity to speak to you during their working day. In this way it increases the value of your shop front by the percentage of your potential clients who work while you work. If you open 9am to 5pm, you have to realise that regardless of what your business is, 30% of your potential customers never get the chance to come into your shop or office. 50% of the total population of the UK work, and 60-70% of them work Monday to Friday, 9 to 5.

I just got back from Florence and what I noticed was that shops especially, and some offices too, had normal opening hours that extended until 9 or 10 o’clock in the evening and that wasn’t convenience stores or corner shops. Clothes and book shops, hair salons and leather goods were all open late. More than that, huge numbers of them had video displays in their windows. This meant that even after they were closed their windows kept on being powerful selling tools.

This leads me to my final point. After-hours selling isn’t just about showing people things. It has to be interactive. So in my next blog I’ll be looking at the benefits of turning your shop window (or part of it) into a giant touchscreen and how you can generate business, bookings and sales 24-7 on the High Street.

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