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Web Pages that Talk Back: Using Video on Landing Pages

Did you know that tech giant Cisco predict that by 2022, 82% of all web traffic will relate to video content (Source: Cisco, 2018)? That’s quite the hefty chunk! It therefore stands to reason that future-proofing your content marketing means incorporating video to some degree – be it live or pre-recorded. Here’s another stat for…

Did you know that tech giant Cisco predict that by 2022, 82% of all web traffic will relate to video content (Source: Cisco, 2018)? That’s quite the hefty chunk!

It therefore stands to reason that future-proofing your content marketing means incorporating video to some degree – be it live or pre-recorded.

Here’s another stat for you. Using embedded video within a landing page can increase conversions by 80% or more (Source: EyeViewDigital). The same study also notes the quick return on investment enjoyed by those participating in the research.

So it seems that videos and landing pages are a match made in heaven! But before we get to the ins and outs of landing page videos, let’s get back to basics…

What is a Landing Page?

A landing page is any kind of “entry” page to a website where you expect people to “land” following a web search. Your homepage is your main landing page but there are other kinds around. Many landing pages are intended to incite some kind of action: pages with the intention of selling a certain offer or product, pages whose purpose is to collect your email address for marketing purposes, or perhaps to facilitate access to a lead magnet or freebie guide.

The page showcasing our recent Free Website Builder is a good example of a landing page. People could realistically “land” on it following a search for low-cost website solutions, and it encourages the reader to read more and sign up.

A Quick Sidenote

Understandably, it’s not a good idea to whack any old video on your website. Your success with embedded videos depends on the quality of the video, the quality of your website, and the suitability of this tactic within your industry. But overall the benefits of using high-quality videos in landing pages are undeniable.

But why? Let’s look at one prevailing hypothesis…

Videos Make it Easy for Those Taking it Easy

We’re living in an increasingly noisy, busy, “switched on” world. As we become more time-poor, we want answers fast. We’re also inclined to take the path of least resistance – or indeed least effort. This generally means that we prefer having concepts explained to us rather than wading through text and having to do the mental gymnastics ourselves. Much like children often prefer a caregiver to read them a bedtime story rather than reading it themselves.

I know if I were trying to make a quick decision and I was presented the choice of reading text or having that exact same text read to me alongside descriptive visuals – I know which I would pick. Turns out I’m not alone. 59% of executives said they’d select the video if faced with a choice of text or video about the same topic (Source: Forbes Insights, 2010). This understandably gives companies who have embedded videos a competitive advantage over those that don’t.

Video allows you to illustrate points and present a large amount of data in a brief and engaging way. A static graph or pie chart may prove that buying from you is a no-brainer, but a video can bring that data to life, and present it in a way that engages – and even entertains – your viewers.

Landing Page Video: Where to Start

How Long is a Piece of Film?

Any video that you produce for your landing page should never be too long. You may want to enthuse about your company ad infinitum, but remember that your visitors are strictly there to see what’s in it for them, so keep your video around a minute to 90 seconds at most. It’s wise to assume they’re short on time, so focus on the benefits they’ll enjoy in working with you and don’t beat around the bush!

Placement is Everything

If you are going to the trouble of creating a video, you want to make sure the majority of the page’s visitors see it. Therefore the page’s design needs to keep the video “above the fold”, i.e., in a place where the visitor won’t have to scroll down to see it.

Watch Us Work

If you and your team feature in your landing page video, it instils a certain kind of social trust in your company. Seeing all of your friendly faces provides a human touch and showing you all enjoying your work fosters warm feelings towards your company. It shows that you’re not trying to pull the wool over anyone’s eyes – that you’re a keen and honest business that’s here to help.

It’s always a nice feeling to put a face to a name, so if your video features your customer-facing team, your prospects will be able to do just that.

Unwelcome Noise

Of course we want everyone who visits your landing page to view the video too, but it’s generally a bad idea to make the video play automatically. Making viewers play the “find the noisy tab” game never creates a good impression and can be quite embarrassing if the person is in a public space or professional setting (trust me).

However, as you can’t rely on the video being played 100% of the time, don’t rely on the video to do all of the talking! There will be some people who simply don’t view the video, so include the same sort of information in your page’s static text too.

How Embedded Video Impacts SEO & Analytics

Incorporating embedded video is great for your page’s bounce rate because viewers are sticking around to see the video. This increased “dwell time” can provide a small benefit to SEO and search ranking position. When people are spending longer on your page, search engines twig that there must be something worth sticking around for, potentially resulting in increased rankings.

Lights, Camera, Action!

Modern smartphone cameras are great and all but to put your best foot forward you need high-tech equipment and someone who knows how to use it. The most cost-effective solution for a lot of companies is to work with a professional video production company. Pricing can vary, but generally comes down to the company’s filming and editing time, as well as the length and complexity of the video.

Yell now offer video production as a part of our suite of marketing services. We can make your video goals a reality, offering everything from basic slideshows, to animations, to fully shot and edited promo videos – and even drone footage! Head here for more information or call us on 0800 777 445 today for a chat with our friendly team.

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