Why Buying A Professional Video Is Still Best.

Of course I’m going to say a professionally made marketing video is best. It’s what I do for a living. I have a vested interest. BUT there are some very good reasons why I’m saying it. Before I get to the reasons why you should have your marketing videos made by a professional let me start by just reminding you why your business needs a marketing video in the first place.

Why Business Need Marketing Videos

Marketing videos are the single best way to communicate your message to your potential customers. A video lets you tell a story in a way that can captivate the emotions of your viewer. They’re a link between you and them. Videos are also the single most eye catching thing that appears on any website. We all know this. Whenever you’re browsing on any site and there’s a banner at the side or the top with a video playing we all glance at it. We consider whether it is of interest to us. Mostly we look away again. But if that’s your banner video playing think of how many thousands of people are glancing.

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Out of those many thousands there are some who take a moment to look twice because there is something there they want to see. They are your potential customers. These two things are the elements that dictate the effectiveness of any marketing strategy. Does your marketing attract attention of potential customers? Does your marketing tell a story that makes those potential customers want to buy? That’s what marketing is all about and that’s why video is the most powerful marketing tool ever created.
Look at the first reason why you should always have your marketing video made by a professional if you can


Hire a ProfessionalSimply put, it’s easier that way. You could make a video yourself. After all you run a business. You probably started it yourself. You are perfectly capable of learning how to make a video, how to edit it and how to put it online. But ask yourself this. Is that the best use of your time? You are an expert in your business, why on earth would you learn a completely new business just to make a single piece of marketing. When I need some plumbing work done, I hire a plumber. When I need  electrical work done I hire an electrician. Yes I’m perfectly capable of learning how to do these things, but I’m a filmmaker. Why on earth would I want to spend my time learning how to be an electrician. It’s so much easier if I just hire a professional with all of their years of experience. Which brings me to my second point.


Hire a ProfessionalYour film Maker will have years of experience in creating interesting moving images, and as we discussed that is the first thing your video needs to be. Interesting. It needs the catch the eye. After it’s caught the eye it needs to tell a captivating story. The skills your filmmaker brings will allow your video to do that. Your professional already knows how to do these things. What’s more they’ll know how to tell a story that elicits the emotional response we want from our potential customers. If you help people in their time of need we want people to see that your video and to feel that you will help them. If you sell things that make people’s lives more fun your customers need to see and feel that fun. An experienced film maker will know how to make viewers feel that excitement. The other thing they will do of course, is make you look good.

Image Projection

One of the reasons you want a marketing video image for your business is to project the best image you can to potential customers. You need to show them an image that makes them feel you are reliable. That you have the skills they need. That you are somebody worth buying from. The image which you need to project changes depending on the business sector in which your company operates, but you do want and need to project a good image. One of the most damaging things a business can do is have advertising that puts customers off.

Hire a ProfessionalAdvertising is meant to attract. If you sell a high end product or service your video needs to be glossy. It needs to look expensive, even if it wasn’t. The video needs to project class. Let me tell you that it is not as simple as just pointing a camera at a subject andgetting people to do stuff. If your video is to look classy and glossy and expensive then you will need somebody who knows how to operate that camera with just the right exposure with just the right shutter speed. A professional who knows how to put the lights in just the right place. They need to tell the people where their marks are and get them to move and behave in just right way to project the right image to the people watching.

So, briefly,  these are three of my main reasons why it’s always better to hire a pro then do it yourself.  Their technical ability, their artistic ability and the fact that they make your life easier.
Those of you who read my blog regularly will have picked up tips to make your own videos over the months. Recently I’ve been talking about live streaming yourself. But in the final analysis there is no substitute for a professional. You can use amateur made videos and you can use them quite effectively in certain circumstances. But for that defining image projection for your business you have to have a pro.