Click on PPC Adverts

Sometimes when people ask me what I do, I just say ‘Google Stuff’. 

If probed I would say something along the lines of I increase a client’s visibility in the search engines and help drive relevant traffic to their website. The coherency of this sentence is greatly dependent on how late in the eve it is.

This seems more preferable then saying ‘the adverts online’ which some associate with annoying pop ups and intrusive messages but this isn’t what PPC is – well good PPC anyway.

People should click on PPC adverts more.

Why? Because somebody wants you to.

PPC adverts – hopefully – are not just there by chance. Someone has sat down and added the keyword associated with their product and found you the loveliest landing page for your search. Organic rankings you can’t always choose which page the searcher lands on. Can with PPC. Relevancy is key and you can’t get much more relevant then deciding where you land someone.

Putting this into practice, say you run PPC for a car part website. If you searched for VW Beetle Capri Silver Bumper 85’ or something, surely you would want the landing page to stock what you actually wanted, not send you to an overall page of car bumpers? You have already told Google what model you want, you don’t want to look for it again! PPC Ad would *ideally* have sent you to that page – saving you time and patience.

Some advertisers also think that PPC adverts need offers or discount codes to tease and tantalize. To advertise such an offer it must be backed up on site. Some people create dedicated landing pages for this. These pages aren’t always accessible via organic rankings. Maybe the company doesn’t want the offer page being indexed, it’s only temporary or they want to use it as a way to track PPC – everyone who uses the code must have clicked on PPC at some stage of their journey.

Another reason is remarketing. Often, remarketing campaigns contain an enticing offer to get you back on site. These offers are often, just for returning PPC visitors. So if it looks good, click on it. You may not get the offer if you visit the site directly.

If you didn’t click on PPC you could be missing out. Missing out on relevant landing pages and offers.

Just you know, don’t click on your own adverts. And also, don’t be rude, if you do click on an advert, don’t just bounce straight off.

If you really aren’t sure, never fear. Google are blending the background of the adverts now to be so discreet you might not even realize you’re clicking on one!