Creating a Facebook Page for Your Business: FAQs

Just set up a profile on Facebook for your business? Here are the answers to ten frequently asked questions.

Will everyone who has liked my page see my updates?
This is the general rule. However, Facebook does use an algorithm to decide whether to display your update in fans’ news feeds, depending in their level of engagement with your updates. So, in theory, it is possible that people who have liked your page, and then don’t interact with it afterwards, will miss your posts.

If someone who has liked my page posts an update on the wall, will all the followers see it?
No – the updates you post will appear, not posts created by followers. However, people who visit the page will see the post.

Post by a fan on a business Facebook page
Most businesses allow users to post on the page wall

Do most companies allow fans to post updates on the wall of a Facebook page?
Most do, yes – pages are seen as a way to be open and transparent, a great way to engage with fans.

Do I need to keep checking back to see my page stats?
You can look at your insights whenever you want, but you will also receive a roundup email each week which serves as a good reminder.

I’ve seen pages with a nice-looking URL. How do I get one?
Once your page has 25 likes, it’s possible to change your URL to something more friendly – your business name is ideal.

What are tabs, and how do you add extra tabs to a Facebook page?
Tabs are the ‘apps’ on display down the left-hand-side of a page. They are referred to as tabs as they previously displayed along the top of a Facebook page, and the name has stuck with many people. These can be added to a page by searching for applications within Facebook, or even by searching for Facebook apps through Google, as they all have their own page on the site. There’s an option on the left-hand-side of the page that prompts you to ‘Add to my page’.

How often should I post an update on the wall of my Facebook page?
Between three times a week to once a day is a fair benchmark, although there is no real answer for everyone. Going over the top means people’s feeds will be flooded, and too few posts can result in people forgetting about you.

Should I add an image to my posts?
Statistics show that Facebook users are more likely to click on a post if there’s an image alongside it. So this is a good idea.

How do I respond to less-than-favourable posts on my wall?
Judge each comment and post individually. If it’s blatant spam or mindless abuse, it’s probably best to delete the comments. However, if it seems to be a genuine customer with an issue this is the time to engage and try to get to the root of their problem. If you can turn their opinion around, this is great PR for your company – available for all to see.

Should I set up a page with a dummy or second personal Facebook account?
There’s no reason to do this. If you sent up another account with no personal details, Facebook can restrict your ability to add apps to a page. Anything you post on the wall of your page will be under your page identity, not your personal one. If you are worried about maybe transferring ownership at some point, you can add – and remove – page administrators at any time.