Does Facebook PPC Work for B2B?

I have been asked this quite a lot. “My product is for businesses, I don’t think Facebook is right for me”.

Facebook, as I stress a lot is a social platform. There is no space for boring, stuffy ‘I’m so professional using big words in my adverts’ formalities. But does this mean it would or wouldn’t work for a business? Honestly, I’m not too sure but I definitely would try it.

Facebook has over 750 million members, give or take a few. Is your boss on it? Or if you’re the boss are you on it? Say you sell telemarketing, are the people who work in marketing and make such choices on it? – the answer I’m looking for is yes.

Sure, as I said it’s social they are on it to have a bit of a head break, they may not click on the ad or want to be thinking along such lines, but if they are, you are there, ready for them to click on.

You also have the option to target those who are telling you they are managers, entrepreneurs, marketing executives etc. Facebook is no longer full of younger people at university; it’s full of your peers and potential customers.

You’ll have to make sure your advert really speaks to your customer. Try an ad that starts off with a question, using ads found on my profile as an example:

Facebook PPC - SEO Advert

Great picture. Targeting me as a manager in the search industry. Link building can be tedious, outsourcing it could be a plan… I am slightly off put by the use of an ampersand at the start of the sentence but I’m flexible.

Build the adverts, keep them light but semi – professional. First impressions do obviously count. Use an engaging image and link the title to it. I think the above ad does that perfectly. It’s a professional service, in a manner and tone which is perfect for the medium.

If your business is location based or you don’t want to drive too far seeing as petrol is nearly the same price as liquid gold, you can location target the adverts.

If the link is going off site, tag it with the Analytics URL builder – further information to come on this (this will allow all the data from this one advert to come into Analytics, not just read it as ‘source – facebook ppc’). Build it then target your relevant audience with it. The CPC’s should be cheaper then AdWords and the volume should be there. Choose your age range wisely. Personally I add ads for 20 – 30 and then 31+. Often find a much higher bounce rate for the young’uns. That’s why it’s good to track all adverts separately – wise tilt of the head and a knowing smile – it is so important to know what works and what doesn’t.

The point is, try it. Like the reverent Dr Pepper once said, try it you just might like it.