Facebook PPC Advertising – What’s It About?

Log into your Facebook and look to the right of the screen. You should see some image ads, this is Facebook Paid Search advertising and it could work for you.

The adverts on Facebook are not random, well the majority aren’t. They are targeting you because of the things you have on your profile, the music you have said you like, your interests and group membership. You are telling Facebook who you are and what you’re interested in, this data is in turn passed onto their advertising platform. If you have a product or service you think could be marketed to this network you should trial it.

Compared to Google Adwords this platform is young and as such the click costs are generally lower. You can also use compelling images and they are a bit more relaxed about their policies regarding what you can have in the adverts. All the ads are manually approved so consider this when you decide on your image!

Imagine this. You run a shop which sells running shoes. You want more traffic on site aka more sales. Try Facebook.

Start a Facebook PPC campaign, target people who are telling you they like to run, that they are interested in health and nutrition, potentially that they are active in the Gym. If you deliver across the UK, target all the UK. This can be broken down further, trial running ads which promote Nike trainers to those with Nike listed as an interest, if it’s a big enough brand to have this type of following. Also consider running it in with a ‘Facebook offer’ perhaps 10% off the potential customer’s first order. Will encourage interest and get them out the social media bubble. Get them live and keep an eye on them.

If you send the traffic to a Facebook page, Facebook will track the activity on the page aka the increases in likes, if the users posts, if they look at your photos. Alternatively if you send them to your own website you can add analytic’s tracking to the URL’s which will pull the data into your tracking software. This is useful to work out the better age range to target and say gender and help you move forward with it all.