How to Create a Successful Online Marketing Strategy

Life is fast paced these days. I think we can all agree on that.

You know that noise an F1 car makes as it speeds by? That’s how fast life feels to me.

Stuff is whizzing by so quickly we no longer take the time to actually think. You think you’re thinking. But you’re not.

And I know why. You’re just too darn busy to sit and ‘do nothing’. But it often means you’re not focusing on the most important actions that will drive your business forward.

But trust me when I say it could be the best time you’ll spend all day. I mean, be honest, when was the last time you actually sat down and thought about your website strategy, without actually doing anything.

Try it. Find an hour (yes, a whole hour). Get away from all distraction – no people, no music, no emails. And do nothing but think. Think about the people visiting your site. Think about how you want them to feel when they do. Think about the reasons they may not want to do business with you online.

Don’t give up after 20 minutes. Make yourself sit and think in silence for an hour.

Take my word for it. After that hour, you’ll be bubbling with ideas. You’ll feel more motivated and more focused on the next important step.

So to get more done. Do less.