How to Improve My Quality Scores.

Starting a PPC campaign isn't as hard as you might think

With Google AdWords, the price you pay per click is determined by a number of factors.

A massive and probably the most important factor is the quality score assigned to each keyword.

The quality score is an indication of how relevant Google deem your keyword to be to your website.

If you are bidding on ‘nike trainers’ and your website sells granny nighties, it’s not going to be great as it’s not what the Googler want’s and it creates a bad user experience. t could lose people’s trust in Google, especially those who have no idea PPC is different to organic.

You could bid on this irrelevant keyword but your cost per click would be high and after a while, Google would severly limit the keywords exposure and the rest of your account could suffer as a result.

Google state the quality score is made up of a number of factors, with click through rate being very influential. This is suppose to be relative for quality scores, i.e. if your advert is generally in position 6 then CTR would be expected to be much lower then if your advert was in position 1 – namely as less people will scroll all the way down. I’m not convinced it is relative but if you can’t afford to bid top positions you need to look at other ways to improve your quality scores.

So, what else matters?

Account structure. Make sure it’s thematic. Don’t have one adgroup all bundled into #campaign1 with 200 keywords in it. It’s pretty shoddy.

Put effort in your build, in the long run it will pay off. Higher quality scores mean cheaper click costs which mean a better ROI for you. Aim for maximum 100 keywords in each adgroup – or 33 keywords on broad, phrase and exact. At the most.

Adverts – Make the adverts as thematic as the adgroup. You’ve made the effort right to break them up? Well reflect it in the advert too. Keywords being in the advert help y0ur quality score.

Landing page – Google can keyword scan the landing page to see if it’s relevant to the keyword. This isn’t related to SEO (so they say) so don’t direct everything to the homepage. Use the product pages or build a specific page.

Also, quick load times and no pop ups

Keywords which have no impressions or clicks can also drag the account down but the above are far more important.

Have a play and see if they change. The age of the account is also important but this isn’t something you can change. Start off strong and thematic and you should see your scores rising and your CPC’s decreasing.

Get on it.