How Welcoming Is Your Online Marketing Activity?

When I go to websites as a consumer, I find myself quite judgmental of companies whose websites and online marketing activity don’t make me feel welcome. With such vast choice at the tips of my fingers, I want websites to make me feel like I’ve just checked into a luxury hotel with a platinum card and no spending limit. We don’t get made to feel special huge amounts in our daily lives so it’s mighty impressive when a company goes that extra mile to make little old me feel welcome and important.

Some sites just don’t bother at all and like a rusty car held together with tape, your expectations are low to start with. So you may go with them just because they are that much cheaper than the alternative, but more likely you’ll question their reputation and have a browse for alternatives.

What I find more disappointing are the websites that promise you the world and then leave you hanging. The site itself practically gives you a massage, making you feel important with personalisation, suggesting offers just for you and other items you may like (that you hadn’t even thought about before).

You register with them, make your purchase and give them your precious details for their database and then…at best you get a plain text confirmation and at worst you get nothing. Where is the welcome email with the same beautifully crafted branding and images? Where are the nice words thanking you for your purchase and suggesting add ons that would go well? Where is the assurance that all that greatness on their website wasn’t just a precursor to get your money? I mean, we all know that companies want to make money but can’t we just continue the pretense a little longer?

If I was to continue feeling special post purchase then I would happily give feedback on the products, I would share their offers with my friends and I would keep going back for more(even though I know I can get it a bit cheaper elsewhere). You make me feel you’re not just after my money and I’m that loyal customer for life, with you through thick and thin.

The most successful brands are successful because of the brand. They’ve built their following, they’ve engaged their fans and they don’t need to fight pricing erosion through competition because they know the key is to keep on welcoming…