How Will People Be Consuming Your Content in 2012?

Web content can take many forms

With technology developing at a rapid pace, people are changing how they consume your content. It won’t be viewed just on your website using a desktop screen at a set size – you need to be aware of the different places it will be viewed so you can optimise it accordingly.


  • There will be many more types of devices appearing over the next year and we can’t predict them all but the ones below aren’t just for early adopters and should be in your mix:
  • Desktops/laptops – These are still being used despite the growth of mobile devices. People don’t consume content on just one device now they may use a desktop/laptop at the office or in a home office where they will be stationary for an hour or so.
  • Tablets – Good for consuming content online or viewing downloads, not just used on the go people may use in meetings to take notes or show a presentation. Likewise they may use at home whilst watching the TV.
  • Mobiles – These are used alongside all other devices whether at a desk, on the move, at home, on the sofa. The mobile is the quick and easy companion – not one for detail but a great sidekick.

Which content goes where?

Below are some example types of content and what devices they are suitable for:

  • Vouchers/promotions – Perfect for mobiles, these can be sent by SMS or downloaded from a website. With a mobile make sure they don’t require printing and can just be shown on the handset screen.
  • How to/advice guides or whitepapers – These are usually consumed through a desktop or laptop however if the size of the guide is not too large to download or you just host them online they could be used on tablets.
  • Product information – Your product information content should be easily accessible across all devices whether you have a mobile app or site giving briefer details or a highly detailed page or brochure for a desktop or tablet.

It’s not one or the other

  • When it comes to consuming your content, be prepared to have people wanting to use multiple devices not just the one. Remember that for the same message you can display it in different ways such as an article plus an infographic plus a video plus an email promotion. Don’t think that one size fits all and make your content shareable so that it can be retweeted or forwarded to another phone or emailed to a friend.