How to Utilise Your Web Address as a Marketing Opportunity

Getting the URL right will help your website’s SEO

A really sales-savvy way to look at a web address or domain name is to view it as a ‘headline’ for your website. We all know that the headlines of a newspaper, blog post or any other piece of writing must be exciting and enticing to attract and draw the reader in. In the same way, your web address – effectively the ‘title’ of your website – must appeal to readers.

You might say, “But many people don’t even notice web addresses; why not put more creative marketing effort into the call to actions, the content, and the design?” You would have a valid point; compared to the content on the web pages, your web address itself is less noticeable and overall less important. But what about potential website visitors who learn of you for the first time during a random Google search? Your web address will be one of the first things that they see – are you willing to risk presenting a site visitor with a less than appealing web address?

Site visitors are busy people, often scanning for information whilst at work or doing other things. They will tend to only browse the first few pages of search results so your web address needs to be search engine optimised and eye-catching to work with the search engines and appeal to the potential site visitor.

To use your web address as a marketing technique to draw in more consumers, consider using a directive (for example, www.click-for-discounts.com) or exciting vocabulary (e.g. www.click-for-incredible-discounts.com).