Keep It Legal: Copyright and Privacy Best Practise for Online Video

Online VideoThis is our best practise guide of copyright and privacy issues to be aware of when creating an online video for your business.

If a video sharing site receives a complaint about copyright or privacy violation by your video then the worst case scenario is that it will be deleted from the site. YouTube have programs to automatically detect and delete content at the request of the copyright owners.

Copyright issues

Don’t use copyrighted music

  • Chart tracks as well as film and TV themes are generally protected by copyright – if the copyright owner complains then any video sharing site will remove the video and YouTube has automated programme to detect copyrighted
  • You can licence a music track for your video for a one-off fee from sites such as FriendlyMusic or RoyaltyFree Music.
  • You can add music to your YouTube videos for free using YouTube’s Audioswap.
  • Your own cover versions of copyrighted tracks would also violate copyright laws.

Don’t use copyrighted images

  • Consider your use of logos and trademarks, for example garage which is not an authorised dealer may breech copyright laws if using the BMW or Ford logo.
  • You’ll also be breaching copyright if you use television clips or video clips lifted off video sharing sites.

Privacy issues

Ask permission

  • Your video should not name individuals unless their express permission is given – including an individual testimonial is recommended just ensure you have permission.
  • Anyone appearing in the video should give their permission – this extends to scene-setting shots of customers browsing in your shop or eating in your restaurant. Its fine to have friends or employees pose as customers for such scene-setting shots but they must never pose as customers to give an endorsement or testimonial.
  • No covert filming of people, ever.
  • You might also wish to ask for permission to include images of private spaces, such as a staircase installation or landscaping job at someone’s home.

Meet the parents

  • Be aware that you should ask the parent or guardians permission to film a child – if you are filming a childrens party with the hosts permission then don’t assume other parents will be OK with their child appearing in an online video for your business.