Learnings From Websites #8 Etsy

I’m currently planning my wedding and as those of you who have done this yourselves can testify, it’s a supplier minefield! The minute you type ‘wedding’ into Google you are flooded with options.

A site referred to me by a friend is Etsy – and I love their website content, it’s easy to navigate, looks good and is original.

One thing I find refreshingly different about the Etsy site is how they break up their content search. You don’t just have a search bar where you free type – they’ve added a simple filter that allows you to search by whether a good is handmade, vintage or from a shop or one of your favourites.
Etsy search
Another thing I like is that the site knows its audience and that we’re from different locations, so we can tailor our results accordingly. For example, I can select that I’m from England and I want my costs shown in UK pounds and the site will only show me options that are available to me.

This is really good personalisation and will allow me to see not just UK providers but ones from the US who will post to me. As the dollars are shown in pounds I can get a good idea of costs including delivery.
Etsy - Country
In addition to the usual ways of searching, they have also provided the normal categories that are popular and providers can tag their items to make sure they are in the correct ones. Of course I’m looking in weddings but within that I can then narrow down my search by popular categories such as invitations or ‘something blue’.

Etsy works like a marketplace where people who create their own goods or want to see something special can put forward their ideas to Etsy and if they feel the product is right and the images are of a good enough standard they will list them. This is important as they are very picky about the quality of pictures on their site and this shows in their content. All of the images are lovely and give the site a feeling of quality, by using different suppliers they keep it feeling eclectic and give variety so the visitors won’t get bored.
Etsy - images
All in all this is a lovely site to browse through, the fact that you are supporting local producers is great and for that you get diversity and an honest price. I’d recommend you take a look but be warned you may be on there for a while!