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Online Content – What Is It?

Whether you’re updating an old website or creating a brand new one, effective online content is crucial. But what exactly is ‘online content’ and how is it used?

Quite simply, online content is everything that’s on your website. This usually means text, images and videos, but can also include music and other sounds. Generally, the online content on business websites is written from the point of view of one person or organisation, and aims to inform and persuade potential new customers. On social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter, online content is posted by thousands or even millions of contributors, creating a vast online discussion board that’s constantly being added to.

In this blog, I’ll mainly be focusing on the writing side of things. I’ll explore a range of techniques for making online content persuasive, relevant and interesting to internet users. I’ll also be looking at the different areas of text on a webpage (such as titles, headings and paragraphs) and why all of these are important.

As the blog develops, I’ll be carrying out an in-depth examination of the way people read and absorb online content, and why writing for websites is different from writing for print. I’ll be discussing the importance of fresh content and regular updates, as well as ways to get inside the mind of your customers by creating personas.

It’s important to remember that the online world is constantly evolving, and the way in which websites are written and presented is always changing as well. Over the coming weeks I’ll be looking at industry developments relating to online content, ensuring the most up-to-date, effective techniques are explored.

Of course, online content is all about sharing and creating discussions. If you have any questions or comments, or have any suggestions of topics for future blog posts, then get in touch!