Social Media

Building a good presence for your business on social media sites like Twitter, Facebook or Instagram should be a central part of any digital marketing strategy. A strong following can boost your business visibility online, and it’s a great way to engage with customers on a more personal and direct level. With a strong following also comes a ready audience for promotions and messages which can be shared and passed on, extending your reach and growing your business.

Be Social: Do You Really Need a Social Media Manager?

Do you indeed?! Surely a social media manager is just someone who comes into the office, plays around on Facebook, sends out a few tweets and maybe writes a blog or two between endless meetings extolling the virtues of social media? Well, surprisingly that is the view held by many managers around the UK who […]

Facebook Advertising – Test if You Like It. Test if You Don’t!

There are so many places to advertise your business. Indeed,  it would be possible to write a whole blog with several hundred posts on the subject and still only scratch the surface, so I will instead focus on Facebook Advertising. In particular, looking at Facebook advertising to secure more  Likes for your Business Page –  and highlighting  […]

How to Get More Twitter Followers for Your Small Business

Right, you’re drawn in. It’s the question everyone who has a Twitter profile for the business wants to know the answer to. So how can you get more Twitter followers? Well nothing will definitely win you hordes of new followers, each counting down the hours until the next carefully-crafted update appears. However, there’s a few […]

LinkedIn Groups: Have You Joined the Conversation?

Are you using LinkedIn? If not, what’s holding you back? Unlike an expensive networking conference, LinkedIn is free. You can create a basic profile for yourself or your company. There is the option to upgrade, but I’d recommend just using the free version at the start. Some people view LinkedIn as a career-climbing and recruitment tool, but it is […]

Facebook Timeline Your Whole Life – Lifebook Anyone?

Did you know that it will very soon be possible to record your whole life experience, in full motion HD video, on a single hard drive that would cost less than £100?  It is estimated that a single petabyte capacity hard drive could comfortably record all your waking hours. In the meantime, Facebook have introduced a […]

If Google+ Facebook Equals X. Find X?

There is a nice joke circulating on the web that details a GSCE Maths question concerning the Pythagoras theorem.  The question is simply, “Find X”, to which a star pupil has thoughtfully labelled the triangle with an arrow pointing to X stating “It’s here”.  Technically correct, but not the answer the examiner was looking for!  […]

Facebook ‘Like’ Promotions

One of the understood attractions of social media marketing to a small business is that “It’s free”. But it is not that simple. Those of you who have read my columns know that I go to great pain to point out how much time is involved in creating  a successful social media marketing platform for your business. […]

Money Can’t Buy You Love

A Facebook Business Page without any fans is like a man on a desert island throwing a message in a bottle to the vast ocean; most unlikely to become involved in a two-way conversation- never mind a fulfilling social engagement. But we all have to start somewhere. Even if you have given some quality thought to publishing […]

Information Overload? – Use of RSS Web Readers as Content Filters

Whenever someone complains that they do not have time to keep up with their pile of trade reading – whether it is business reports, market reports, trade tips or local business opportunities, I am always reminded of the quaint Scottish saying, “There’s no such thing as bad weather… only inappropriate clothing”. Perhaps I had better […]

Promoting Your Business Blog With a Press Release

Good as blogs are at attracting organic search visitors to your website, sometimes even if you have the best content in the world, you need to do a certain amount of traditional “pump priming” to get people to notice your blog. Before you do that just make sure that it is being picked up the […]

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