Star Facebook Page of the Week… We Fix Alloys

Each week, we throw a spotlight on a top Facebook page that deserves a big thumbs up. Pages featured here are making the most of what Facebook has to offer and can be held up as examples to learn from if you are a business looking to get to grips with the social network.

These aren’t pages with hundreds of thousands of fans, but are ones managed by businesses looking to use the platform in the best way they can for their particular business.

This week’s Star Facebook Page of the Week goes to We Fix Alloys – a Newcastle-based company that promises “to bring your bent, scratched, damaged or corroded alloy wheels back to showroom condition and add £££s to the value of your car”.

Why we think it’s great:

  • The about section of the page is packed with contact info, including a link to We Fix Alloys’ website, an email address and phone number. The more detail that’s available here, the more likely people are to put their trust in you as a business.
  • Special offers are posted on the wall, letting Facebook fans know about saving that can be made. This is great content that really gives people a reason to like the page.
  • Whenever We Fix Alloys updates its blog, Facebook fans are told about this through a posting. This not only highlights new content, but also means a valuable visitor for the company website.
  • But here’s the dealbreaker: We Fix Alloys lets the pictures do the talking – the page is packed with images of bright, shiny alloys and the cars sporting them. There’s the occassional ‘before-and-after shot’ too, which really shows off the work that’s been done.

Congratulations on a top page!

We Fix Alloys' Facebook page
We Fix Alloys’ Facebook page