Successful Websites: You Don’t Need to Be an Online Marketing Expert

So what makes a successful website? What does great website content look like?

You tell me.

Blogs like this are great to help you see better ways of communicating with your online audience, to improve your website content so that you’ll make more sales. But blogs will only get you so far.

You need to look elsewhere, too. You need to look at what your competition are doing with their websites.

Put your customer’s hat on, find yourself a spare hour one evening, grab pen and paper and start searching the internet for your competitors – large and small. Don’t look at two sites, look at twenty.

What is it about their websites that you like. What is it that you don’t?

You don’t need to be an online marketing expert to make this exercise worthwhile. Trust your own judgement. After all, the people who ultimately decide what makes great website content are the users of websites – your potential customers – and they’re not online marketing experts either.

Learn what makes great website content and then make yours better than your competition.

For example, if you visited a site and it had a lot of useful ‘How To’ information, could you do something similar for your business? Think about what information your customers would find valuable and then provide that value.

Think big, think international
The beauty of the internet is you’re not restricted to your local competition. What’s stopping you looking at companies in the US or Australia?

Why not? You can gain valuable insight, get great ideas and become inspired – all without spending a penny. Yes, those markets may be different, but the reasons why people buy your products stay the same.

Try it. Search for companies doing what you do in New York, Chicago, Los Angeles – wherever.

Remember, you don’t have to re-invent the wheel. This is not about copying, this is about learning. And then doing it better.