Unknown Victims of Age discrimination…Domain Names?

While search engine algorithms become ever more sophisticated at sifting, sorting and ranking website content, most still use keyword relevancy and inter-page linking as a key tool for determining a website’s reliability and relevancy.

Another ranking factor which is considered by search engine algorithms is the age of website domain names. Older domain names tend to carry more weight, as many algorithms deem them to be more ‘reliable’ and less likely to be spam. So what does this mean for new domain names?

If you are a new business or an established business setting up your first website, you may find that the search engines penalise your website at first as they take into account the newness of your web presence. However, once search engine registration is complete and customers begin to search for you online, you will usually find that search rankings start to rise.

One way to speed up this process? Get business associates and friends with long established websites to link through to your website; even being associated with ‘old-age’ domain names with high rankings themselves can boost your own rankings. Another great way to boost your rankings is to use social media tools such as Facebook and Twitter to publicise your website. This will provide new pathways to your websites, and encourage internet users to click through, again providing crucial links from popular long established websites through to your own.