Using Your Domain Name as a Marketing Tool

Signpost with online marketing terminologyPeople regularly underestimate the marketing potential of a domain name. So many businesses are happy to settle for a domain name which is simple but bland, their company name or a product perhaps.

However, it is so important to market the domain name directly to your customer. Customers do notice the domain name of a website, even if they click onto it via a search engine. Therefore do try to keep your domain name relevant, concise and interesting, so that it appeals to the viewer. Market research indicates that website domain names containing dashes and other unnecessary characters can irritate customers even when they don’t need to be typed in. Long domain names are also turn offs, as are ‘boring’ domain names, so do try and make your domain name short, snappy and fun. The tricky thing then is to ensure that your customer optimised domain name is also search engine optimised.

Domain names hold so much clout within the search engine ranking system that you cannot afford to waste the opportunity for search engine optimisation. You must try to include a keyword phrase in your domain name, be it a service, a location or even a demographic (e.g. www.chairsforoffices.co.uk). This will likely boost your website rankings as search engines do prioritise checking your domain name for keywords.

Tailor your domain name so that it is both search engine friendly and appealing to internet users.