Why Should a Business Have a Google Plus Business Page?

Google + could boost your ranking in Google search results.

In many ways, Google Plus is similar to Facebook, but it has various additional features which make it useful for business.

Here are some of the reasons you should consider starting a Google Plus page for your business:

  1. Better SEO results. Google Plus pages are automatically indexed on the Google search engine, which tends to improve organic search engine results. This relationship is certain to build in future, and the more content added to a page, the better the SEO results.
  2. Recommendations. Google +1 is similar to Facebook’s ‘Like’ button, and shows that content is recommended by a Google Plus user. Adding a +1 button to a website is likely to increase search traffic.
  3. Circles. This is a feature of Google Plus that enables contacts to be grouped according to type. So, for example, customers can be in one Circle and suppliers in another, or particular types of customer can be allocated to separate Circles. The same contact can be in more than one Circle. Information can then be sent to all contacts, or those in one or more particular Circles, as appropriate.
  4. Hangouts. This is another special feature which enables businesses to have video chats with employees, customers or experts using the Circles facility.
  5. Limited sharing. Google Plus allows content to be shared only with people chosen by the owner of the page, and there is the facility to stop that content from being shared. This can be an important benefit for communicating sensitive information, or making special offers limited to specific groups or individuals.
  6. Easier monitoring. Google Plus incorporates comprehensive analytics, similar to those available on the Google search engine. These allow businesses to monitor interactions and take actions to increase social media effectiveness.

If a business has the resources to maintain a Google Plus page, it provides a useful addition to the tools available for social media marketing.