Facebook Advertising – Boosted Posts Versus Adverts

Did you know that Facebook advertising has been available for 13 years? The first paid promotions appeared in April 2004, just two months after the social network launched. And now in 2017, it’s an essential part of growing your business. Understanding how to use Facebook Boosted Posts versus Adverts has never been more important in […]

Facebook Boosts: How To Reach The Right Audience

Boosting a Facebook post is a simple and cost-effective way of extending the reach of your content towards an audience of your choosing. While you might have a good idea of who your audience is, knowing how to reach them isn’t always straightforward. Facebook boosts give you a lot of control over who you target; all […]

What Should I Post on My Facebook Page?

  Think about the differences between a business discussion and a conversation with friends. Although you may share some personal information with a business contact, the discussion will mainly be about relevant business issues. You should follow this pattern with your Facebook Business page. Posting topics Think about why people are visiting your Facebook Business […]

What Can the New Facebook Business Pages Do for My Business?

Facebook has over 800 million users, of whom over half are active on a daily basis, and more than 400 million who use the platform on smartphones. Facebook Business pages can offer an effective way of communicating with, and promoting to, this vast audience. Planning is vital There’s no point simply opening a Facebook account […]

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